Dachshund Provides Commentary as a Playful Fox Enjoys Her Favorite Toy

Certainly not the Fox and the Hound story I remember.

Ah, the bitter feeling of jealousy. We’ve all felt it before. Your neighbor gets the car you have always wanted. A coworker gets the promotion you felt you deserved. Your crush goes out with someone else. It’s hard to feel happy for these people when its something you have pined for day in and day out.  We recently reported on a study looking at whether or jealousy is a feeling dogs can feel. Lupe Johnson, an adorable dog in Whitehorse, Canada, knows that kind of pain.



In this video shot by Lupe’s owner, Lupe can be seen watching resentfully as a fox bounds around happily on the front lawn, playing with one of Lupe’s favorite toys. Poor Lupe can only look on while making frustrated whimpers and yaps.  It isn’t clear what happened after this video, but if the fox was picked up by animal control, I hope they made him watch Lupe play with the toy, as well.





Lupe has her own Facebook page, and is followed by more than 1,015 people. With her video having been shared 181,000 times, she has definitely gone viral.  In celebration, she posted a picture of her recent “pawdicure.” Now that’s something for the fox to be jealous of.


Lupe the dog


For more pictures of Lupe, check out her Facebook page.


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