Cutest Cat Cakes Ever

Adorable, edible cat creations are available only for a limited audience, but we love looking at the cute cats even if we can't have them.

I used to think IHOP had the coolest pancakes my side of the planet; after all, this is the house of pancakes and home to the original Funny Face Pancake — complete with Marciano eyes set in pure whip and a signature chocolate chip smile to serve up some fun with your yum.
If you’re an adult, especially a cat-loving adult, a more sophisticated hotcake might be in order. It doesn’t get any classier than these Japanese pancakes, which serve as a playground for sweet frolicking kitties. And if pancakes aren’t your breakfast style, check out the donuts!

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The cats are so cute you just want to eat them up. And you can, because they are completely edible! Actually, sadly, you can’t eat them because these adorable confections are not for sale. They are made by a Japanese housewife named Caroline, who bakes them up every February 22 (Cat’s Day in Japan) for her family to enjoy.

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So, unless you marry into Caroline’s family, you’ll just have to ooh and ah over these awe-inspiring photos. And could you really stomach eating such pure cuteness in the first place? It would be like lighting up your kitty swatting a ball of yarn candle.

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