Cute Rabbit Cooper Puts His Good Looks To Good Use

Cooper’s owner uses the highly cute bunny’s high profile to spread the word about good rabbit care.

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Cooper is the king of adorable educational posts. Via Cooper the Pooper/Instagram
Anastasia Thrift

Want to send a serious message? Put it in an adorable package. With chubby cheeks. And little, tiny stand-up ears.

That’s how Cooper conveys his owner’s message about the best care for rabbits, via Instagram page Cooper the Pooper. You’ll see a tubby tufted rabbit tush, sure, but you’ll also hear about litter-training techniques and the importance of spay/neuter surgery.

The Netherland Dwarf has more than 72,000 followers on Instagram, who hang on his every hop. But he’s more than just a pretty face and furry, furry body. His owner puts plenty of practical information on good rabbit care on Cooper the Pooper’s blog.

Scroll through Cooper’s pics, in fact, and you’ll get quite the balanced mix of cute and smart.

1. Cute: King Cooper

Ruler of all he sees with his incredible eyesight.

2. Smart: Food Safety Info

Eat your vegetables without getting smacked in the face by them.

3. Cute: Nose Wiggles

Curious Cooper in the morning! #cooperthepooper #bunniesworldwide #goodmorning #curiousgeorge

A video posted by Cooper the Pooper (@cooperthepooper) on

How can sniffing look so adorable?

4. Smart: Clean Hygiene

The struggle is real! Poor little Cooper can’t clean his ears ???? #cooperthepooper #bunniesworldwide #netherlanddwarf A video posted by Cooper the Pooper (@cooperthepooper) on

If you can’t clean your ears, outsource it.

5. Cute: Hyperspace Squee

You can get so much more Cooper on high speed.

6. Smart: Good Habits

Good morning from the Pooper!???? #cooperthepooper #bunniesworldwide #goodmorning A photo posted by Cooper the Pooper (@cooperthepooper) on

Modeling ideal rabbit habits.

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