Cute Or Scary, We’ve Got The Critter Halloween Mask For You!

Choose your critter mask for Halloween! Be a zombie ferret or a cute ferret, a zombie rabbit or a cute rabbit, a zombie guinea pig or a cute guinea pig, the choices go on and on, covering most of the popular small animal exotics.

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Which Halloween mask will you choose? Illustrations by Thomas Kimball

Part of the fun of Halloween is changing your identity. Now you can take on the face of your favorite small animal pet with one of SmallAnimalChannel’s critter Halloween masks. Created by artist Thomas Kimball, these masks will cause either delight or fright, depending on the version you choose. Don’t feel like being a cute hamster this Halloween? Then try the Zombie Hamster!

Just choose your favorite pet’s mask, print on a full sheet of paper, glue on cardboard, cut around the border, poke holes in the two side edges near the middle and attach string to tie the mask in place. You’re now ready to transform into a small animal pet!

You will need Adobe Reader to view and print the zombie masks.

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1. Zombie Guinea Pig Mask

Get the zombie guinea pig mask here.

2. Zombie Ferret Mask

Get the zombie ferret mask here.

3. Zombie Rabbit Mask

Get the zombie rabbit mask here.

4. Zombie Hamster Mask

Get the zombie hamster mask here.

5. Chinchilla Mask

Get the chinchilla mask here.

6. Ferret Mask

Get the ferret mask here.

7. Gerbil Mask

Get the gerbil mask here.

8. Guinea Pig Mask

Get the guinea pig mask here.

9. Hedgehog Mask

Get the hedgehog mask here.

10. Mouse Mask

Get the mouse mask here.

11. Rabbit Mask

Get the rabbit mask here.

12. Rat Mask

Get the rat mask here.

13. Sugar Glider Mask

Get the sugar glider mask here.

14. Hamster Mask

Get the hamster mask here.

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