Cute Illustrated Video Shows How Cats Became Our ‘Feline Overlords’

Ever wonder how these little weirdos came to live in our homes? Watch this video on the history of the housecat to find out.

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If you've ever wondered how we came to live with cats, this video will give you a glimpse.
Anastasia Thrift

Cats have been with us for about 10,000 years. But they haven’t always been keyboard players, famous grumps or wide-eyed Instagram and web video stars. So what started this?

A new animated video on YouTube by Minute Earth shows the history of cats’ connection to us, from rodent-fighting protectors of granaries to chatty kitties of internet fame today. In one minute, the history of housecats gets pretty much summed up.

The video details the transition in engaging, rapid-fire illustrations. The cute cartoons, however, could be deceiving, and the voiceover on the video warns us not to fall for the adorable kitties.

“Felines are murder machines,” the video says. “They are more successful hunters than almost any other predator.”

This is what made them great companions for people when they moved to an agrarian lifestyle and needed to protect crops from pesky mice and rats. And because we valued their contribution to our homes, we treated them well and, so, they stuck around.

The cat of many millennia ago, however, has changed, according to the video. Now, the genetic structure of cats is different, affecting their fear response and making them friendlier to people. And whereas cats in the wild only meowed as kittens talking to their mothers, today’s feline pipes up pretty regularly, as many owners can attest.

It took a long time for cats to get to where they are today. Although the journey was long, we think most cat people will agree that it was all worth it.

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