Cute Cat Caught On Camera Trying To Hack Into Laptop

Hacker cat is no good at hacking.

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"Oh, hey, haha. This is awkward. I was just trying to... um, see if your antivirus software needed updating." Via Pigeonkitty/Imgur
Stephanie Brown

Cats love laptops. They enjoy sitting on them, walking across the keyboard and simply standing in front of the screen, obstructing our view.

Usually, all of this laptop activity takes place while we are present and trying to do work (aka binge on Netflix). But Imgur user Pigeonkitty’s cat seems to have a penchant for laptops even when there is no human around to annoy.

Pigeonkitty posted this photo two days ago with the title: “My laptop is set up to take a picture after 3 incorrect password attempts.”

My laptop is set up to take a picture after 3 incorrect password attempts

“I just got a text alert on my phone with this image attached,” Pigeonkitty captioned the photo.

What exactly was the cat looking for? Proof that her human was cheating on her with other, younger cats? Clues as to whether the humans know about the cats’ plans to take over the world? Groupons for catnip? Whatever the case, never has there been a more terrible — or more adorable — hacker.

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