Cute as a Button

Announcing the winners of DOG FANCY's 2009 Cutest Puppy Photo Contest.

DogFancy ExclusivesIt wasn’t an easy job, but somebody had to do it. We looked through hundreds of photos to find the cuddliest pups across the nation. Here are our top five picks.

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First Place

“Finn is the cutest puppy because he is not only super cute, but he is also a heart stealer! He loves bath time and behaves so well while being blow-dried. He snuggles right up under your chin while you are on the couch, and you can just tell how much he loves you!”

Wise will receive Bramton’s New Puppy Essentials Pack and “The Original Dog Bible” from BowTie Press.

Second Place

“Dozer is such a beautiful pup with a nice rough coat. He is an AKC-registered puppy. We are estimating his full grown weight to be around 170. He just turned 4 months old and already weighs 61 pounds.  He is a gentle loving dog who just wants to be with you.”

Flinn will also receive The Puppy Pack, containing two books and a DVD on how to make the most of your puppy’s first year, from BowTie Press.

Third Place

“Chloe is a true rags-to-riches puppy. She is a puppy-mill refugee who literally went from being covered in fleas and filth, to kisses and couture. Since she came into our lives, she has learned what love is truly like. We have been truly blessed and entertained by Chloe.”

Hafner will also receive “The Big Book of Simple Solutions” from BowTie Press.

Honorable Mentions

“Chita is a great dog who is working toward her canine therapy and Canine Good Citizen certificate. She is currently in obedience school, and she easily picks up tricks and skills. She is a gentle, loving, puppy who adores children, especially those who will throw a ball for her!”

Gonzalez will also receive “Puppies! Why Do They Do What They Do?” from BowTie Press.

“Tina is the sweetest little puppy in the world, but sometimes she can be a real rascal! Right now she’s looking pretty for the camera so I’ll give her a treat.”

Johnson will also receive “Puppies! Why Do They Do What They Do?” from BowTie Press.

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