Customer Service Canine Gets Job At Lowe’s, Hooks Up Owner As Well

Blue helps his person work at a Lowe’s Canada hardware store, where the two team up to help customers.

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A dog helped his person get a job, and has wound up being super good at it. Via Lowe's Canada/Facebook
Anastasia Thrift

Dogs are loyal, comforting and, it turns out, great at networking to get you a better job. At least, one dog in Canada was able to hook up his owner.

Lowe’s Canada hired a man from Regina, Saskatchewan, and his service dog, according to the store’s Facebook page. The announcement has received strong feedback.

According to Global Regina News, Owen Lima and his service dog Blue work as a pair to greet customers and answer their questions. Blue has his very own vest and Lima, whose struggle to work had resulted from injuries and falling into a coma after a car accident, has the job that he’d been looking for.

“A recent hire is a gentleman that was having difficulty finding employment because of a brain injury and a support dog,” the post read. “So we did what Lowe’s does best: we hired him and outfitted Blue, our customer service canine, with his very own vest!”

“They really assisted me in where I am now, today,” Lima told the news outlet about Lowe’s. “I’m just happy to be here. I’m happy to be treated like a citizen, not a second-class citizen. Lowe’s has given me the reason to live.”

We’re glad Blue could make this happen. Dogs’ contributions to our lives keep adding up.

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