Add This Custom Bed For Humans And Dogs To Your Wish List, ASAP

You can finally share your bed with your dogs and everyone can be comfortable.

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Now your whole family can be snug as a bug in a custom king bed. Via Doggie Dilemma/Etsy

If you’ve been dying for a way to snooze with your dogs while also avoiding the uncomfortable positions, random paw-kicks to the ribs and lack of personal space that usually occur — then this bed is exactly what you need.

Etsy seller Jason Barton, aka Doggie Dilemma recently sold a custom wooden king bed frame with a 23-inch doggie insert that allows your dog to sleep right next to you without taking up precious mattress real estate.

Feel free to stay in bed all day sans judgment. Via Doggie Dilemma/Etsy

Feel free to stay in bed all day sans judgment. Via Doggie Dilemma/Etsy

This design comes in solid oak and pine, and options for color changes and distressing are available. As this bed is a made-to-order product, you can also get it in queen size.

So if your loved ones are starting to ask you what you’d like for Christmas, you might want to point them to this bed. Your dogs would appreciate it, too.

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  • How much for queen

    Jordan April 28, 2016 6:33 am Reply
  • How much for a queen size?

    JAMY FLYNN May 18, 2016 3:52 pm Reply

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