Cushing’s Can Cause Dog’s Coat and Ear Changes

Hormonal imbalance typically causes a pot belly and increased water intake.

Q. Our older Siberian Husky has lots of thick, long fur. She suddenly lost of the hair on her tail, and her ears are starting to flop over. Is this just something that is common with older Huskies or should I take her to a vet?

A. Hair loss on the tail can be sign of a hormonal imbalance such as Cushing’s disease or low thyroid levels. Loss of rigidity in the cartilage in her ears may be part of the same problem, or it may be an age-related change. Other signs of Cushing’s disease, which results when overactive adrenal glands produce too much steroid hormone, are a pot-bellied appearance, increased water intake, and increased urination.

If you see any other signs of illness other than her coat and ear changes, have her checked out by your veterinarian.

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