Curly-Coated Clowns

The energetic and affectionate Cornish Rex wins over fans with its entertaining personality.

Cat Fancy- Cornish Rex Cats- January 2011

His paw snaked through the openings in his enclosure, and he batted me as I walked the rows at the cat show. Then he meowed — a loud, long, squeaky greeting I couldn’t ignore. And with that, my first Cornish Rex grabbed my heart, making me a lifelong fan of this curly-coated breed.


As it turns out, the exceptionally outgoing personality of my beloved Jordan is a distinguishing characteristic of the Cornish Rex.

“They are extremely people-oriented and are happiest right in the middle of whatever their people are doing, whether it’s cooking dinner or working at the computer,” says Teresa Thorsteinson, a breeder from Montclair, Va. “One of our cats likes to sit atop the coffee maker and watch us wash the dishes.”

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