Curious Kitten Makes Friends with Photographer

This cat doesn’t care that Mitsuaki Iwago is in the middle of taking pictures. Iwago doesn’t either.

Mitsuaki Iwago is an animal photographer. Being behind the camera so often, he’s likely come across numerous furry creatures, especially cats. One kitten in particular decided he was going to investigate Iwago. While the saying typically goes “curiosity killed the cat,” in this case curiosity gave the cat a new human friend. The kitten became so connected to and comfortable with Iwago that in a short time he was curling up and taking a nap on Iwago as well as resting on the photographer’s head. How cute is that?!

For Iwago’s part, he seems to have a connection with cats as well, reportedly saying, “Though I now photograph many different animals, my absolute first animal photographs were of cats. That’s why I have strong feelings regarding them. Even what we commonly refer to as ‘stray cats’ will have completely different expressions and body language than cats in other regions. In places where people are calm and tranquil, cats will also be calm and tranquil. In particular, people who live in towns with a lot of sloping roads tend to move at a leisurely pace. As a result, cats also move slowly in such places. Moreover, in places with narrow roads where cars can’t enter, you will be likely to find cats laying in the middle of the street. If you say ‘hello’ to these relaxed cats, they will surely give you a proper reply,” according to

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