Curious About Guinea Pig Poop And Training

A guinea pig owner wants to know why her guinea pig is eating poop and how to train her.

guinea pig by toilet paper roll
© Gina Cioli/I-5 Studio
Some of a guinea pig’s bathroom habits might surprise you.

Q: Why does my guinea pig eat her stools, which she just started doing? Also, how do I train her?

A: Guinea pigs produce two kinds of stools. One stool that you will find readily at the bottom of the cage is waste. The other is cecotrope stool, which the guinea pig will consume to replace the gut flora within the digestive tract.

You may witness your guinea pig reaching between her legs to retrieve this pellet. This is natural and a very important part of maintaining good health for the guinea pig.

Regarding training, I am guessing that you refer to litter training. Controversy is prevalent regarding the litter training of guinea pigs. Sometimes you luck out and have a guinea pig that naturally goes in one part of the cage. The guinea pig will void her bladder in this corner but still drop hard stools about. Other guinea pigs will poop in their house and sit in it.

Before you bring home a guinea pig, observe his or her cage if you can to see what it looks like. This may give you insight into what to expect of that particular guinea pig’s litter habits.

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