Cupid the Dog Gets the Second Chance He Deserves

Disabled puppy Cupid was abandoned, now dozens are vying to give him a home.

A true love story, Ruff Start Rescue in Minnesota, comes to the rescue of 3-month-old hound puppy, Cupid, after he was found abandoned in a snowbank on Valentine’s Day.

The sweet little puppy was found with a crooked nose and deformed front paws that allowed him to hobble and jump, but left him unable to walk upright.

“We were told he might have “rickets” which is a vitamin D deficiency which can cause limb deformities. Otherwise (the deformities could be caused by) a birth defect, or carpel hyperflextion syndrome,” Ruff Rescue states on the Cupid’s Second Chance Facbeook page.

Cupid's Second Chance Facebook

After assessing that surgery would be the best option to give Cupid the chance to walk, the rescue reached out to the public to raise $6,000. After the story aired on local news, Cupid quickly became a local celebrity and raised $8,000 with the extra money helping other dogs at the rescue.

“It’s just crazy to see how generous people are. We are so thankful,” Ruff Start’s founder Azure Davis, told WCCO.

About a month after being rescued, Cupid underwent surgery at the University of Minnesota to fix his front paws. He’s now recovering in a foster home while the rescue sorts through the hundreds of adoption applications looking to give Cupid a new home.

Cupid recovering from surgery. Cupid's Second Chance Facebook

 Cupid in recovery after the surgery to repair his two front legs.

Cupid in the snow. Cupid's Second Chance Facebook

 Cupid takes a romp in the snow with his newly repaired paws.

For more information visit Ruff Start Rescue and Cupid’s Second Chance.

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