Crying Ferret

Why is a ferret crying?

Q: I recently bought a ferret, and she cries all the time. The only time she is not crying is when she is being held or if we are playing with her. Why is she doing this? Is something wrong?

A: Ferrets are usually quiet animals so paying attention to a sound is always a good idea because the ferret is clearly trying to communicate something.

A crying or whimpering ferret may be feeling under the weather or may be lonely if it is young. When you first bring home a new ferret, it may feel lonely because this is probably the first time it is away from its littermates or from the other ferrets at the store. Therefore, it can be expected that she will cry out for the companions who are no longer there. As your new ferret adjusts to your home and her new companions (you), the whimpering should stop. You have already seen that it stops when you interact with her.

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