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Crufts 2013 Results: BOB, Group and Best in Show

See the results for the Crufts 2013 dog show, including Best of Breed and Group results and Best in Show.

See the results for the Crufts 2013 dog show, including Best of Breed and Group results and Best in Show.

The Crufts 2013 dog show, one of the largest dog shows in the world, began Thursday morning at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, England. More than 25,000 dogs will be in attendance, including 20,566 dogs participating in Breed judging.

American audiences not traveling to England are able to watch live streaming on the Crufts YouTube channel or on the Eukanuba European YouTube channel from 8:15 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. GMT daily. Fans of the show can also follow the Kennel Club on Twitter and Crufts on Facebook.

Also see the Best of Breed winners for each Group.

See the Kennel Club breeds competing at this year’s Crufts.
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A Lhasa Apso was Best in Show at Crufts 2012. Learn about last year’s winner>>

Crufts is presented by the UK’s Kennel Club. Learn more about the Kennel Club>>



Thursday, March 7, 2013 Results

Terrier Group

Judge Mr. Paul Wilkinson

Group 1: Skye Terrier dog Ch. Salena The Special One (Owned by Mrs. S.C. Breeze)

Group 2: Lakeland Terrier dog Am. C. Iron Van Foliny Home WW (Owned by Victor Malzoni)

Group 3: Irish Terrier bitch Ch. Fleet St Fire And Ice (Owned by Barker and Averis)

Group 4: Border Terrier dog Norduch Toftahill Game On (Owned by Mrs. Bergstedt)

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Hound Group

Judge Mr. Ben Reynolds-Frost

Group 1: Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit) bitch Ch. Soletrader Peek A Boo (Owned By S. and W. Robertson and Dougherty)

Group 2: Whippet Dog Ch. Shalfleet Simply A Lord (Owned by J. Wilton-Clark)

Group 3: Dachshund (Miniature Wire-Haired) bitch Stargang Czarina (Owned by H. Blackburn-Bennett)

Group 4: Norwegian Elkhound Dog Ch./Ir. Ch. Kestos Ispy At Graythor JW SHCM (Owned by B. and L.A. Middleton)

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Friday, March 8, 2013 Results

Toy Group

Judge Liz Cartledge

Group 1: King Charles Spaniel dog Ch. Maibee Theo (Owned by W. Moffat and J. Robins)

Group 2: Italian Greyhound dog Ch. Dalinset Sarastro (Owned by R., D. and L. Hodges)

Group 3: Yorkshire Terrier bitch Ch. Royal Precious JP’s F4 Juliana (Owned by Y. Obana)

Group 4: Pomeranian dog IR Ch. Belliver Unexpectedtarget (Owned by J. Newman and E. Terry)

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Utility Group

Judge Frank Kane

Group 1: Tibetan Terrier bitch Kybo Pandarama (Owned by D. Roberts, J. Price and F. Whitehead)

Group 2: Japanese Shiba Inu bitch Ch. Vormund Norma (Owned by M. S. Dunhill-Hall)

Group 3: Poodle (Standard) dog DK/SE/FI Ch. Abica’s Miles Ahead (Owned by K. N. Nielsen, M. N. Nilsson, and K. A. Arnold) 

Group 4: Dalmatian dog Ch. Offordale Chevalier (Owned by J. E. Alexander)

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Saturday, March 9, 2013 Results

Gundog Group

Judge Mrs. Zena Thorn-Andrews

Group 1: Retriever (Labrador) dog IT Ch. Loch Mor Romeo (Owned by F. Barberi)

Group 2: Weimaraner dog SH Ch. Gunalt De Ice At Stridview (Owned by K. Whitehead)

Group 3: German Shorthaired Pointer dog SH CH/NED Ch. Kavacanne Toff At The Top (Owned by A. P. Rose and J. G. Gaffney)

Group 4: Spaniel (Irish Water) dog SH CH/AM Ch/ Whistlestop’s Elements of Magic (owned by J. Carruthers and C. McDaniel)

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Sunday, March 10, 2013 Results

Working Group

Judge Mrs. Ferelith A. Somerfield

Group 1: Bernese Mountain Dog bitch Ch. Meadowpark Whispers Breeze (Owned by B. Mair and C. Hartley-Mair)

Group 2: Bouvier des Flandres dog Fahrenheit From The Dogsfarm(Owned by DHR E. Zwoferink)

Group 3: Rottweiler dog Ch. Varenka Maximillion At Granjolea (G. Leask)

Group 4: Bullmastiff bitch N/DK/SE Ch. Old Manila’s Little Mill (Owned by H. Kjeldby) 

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Pastoral Group

Judge Mr. Jeff Luscott

Group 1: Australian Shepherd bitch Ch. Allmark Fifth Avenue (Owned by N. Allan and R. Harlow)

Group 2: Shetland Sheepdog dog Ch. Edglonian Singin The Blues (Owned by D. Pearson)

Group 3: German Shepherd Dog dog Ch. Elmo Vom Huhnegrab (Owned by J. Cullen)

Group 4: Old English Sheepdog bitch Ch. Aryakas Genesis At Beauvallon (Owned by G. and H. M. Harris)

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Best in Show

Judge Mr. Geoff Corish

Reserve BIS: Retriever (Labrador) dog IT Ch. Loch Mor Romeo (owned by F. Barberi)

Best in Show: Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit) bitch Ch. Soletrader Peek A boo (Owned by S. Robertson and W. Doherty)




Best of Breed Winners in the Terrier Group

Terriers judged Thursday, March 8, 2013

Airedale Terrier
Devil V ‘T Seebosch
Dog owned by F. T. M. Kilsdonk Van

Australian Terrier
Judge Mr. M. S. King
Silhill Chip Off The Old Rock
Dog owned by S. McCourt and P. Eardley

Bedlington Terrier
Judge Mr. T. Bouse
Ch. Bisbee Ikatcher At Kierlander
Dog owned by P. Liu and D. Kiernan

Border Terrier
Judge Mrs. J. Gillam
Norduch Toftahill Game On
Dog owned by Mrs. Bergstedt

Bull Terrier
Judge Mr. D. C. Merriam
Padhen Hitman
Dog owned by I. and L. I. McDermid

Bull Terrier (Miniature)
Judge Mr. D. C. Merriam
Badlesmere Bookend At Quayardson
Bitch owned by S. and J. Richardson

Cairn Terrier
Judge Mr I. L. B. Shaw
DK/FI/SE/NORD/NO Ch. Nordcairn’s Back For Good
Dog owned by L. and S. Thomsen

Cesky Terrier
Judge Mr. J. Horswell
FR/LUX/SWISS/INT Ch. Captain Crochet Du Champ D Eole
Dog owned by P. J. Withers

Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Judge Mr. K. Derry
Cloverwood Day By Day At Schalulleke
Bitch owned by J. Heywood

Fox Terrier (Smooth)
Judge S. V. Watson
Lizoni Cadellins Romance
Dog owned by P. Feltham and A. Wilson

Fox Terrier (Wire)
Judge Mr. J. Watson
Ch. Blackdale Supreme
Dog owned by A. Goodsell

Glen of Imaal Terrier
Judge Mr. N. Hammond
CH/IR/AM/SW Ch. Abberann Conan
Dog owned by A. White

Irish Terrier
Judge Dr. A. Noonan
Ch. Fleet St Fire And Ice
Bitch owned by A. and J. Barker and J. Averis

Kerry Blue Terrier
Judge Mr. D. Prince
INT/NORD UCH Shyloch Navigator To Edrus
Dog owned by E. and C. Lejdbrandt

Lakeland Terrier
Judge Mr. H. O’Donoghue
AM Ch. Iron Van Foliny Home
Dog owned by Victor Malzoni

Manchester Terrier
Judge Mr. T. Gore
Ch. Calastoa Amber Nectar
Dog owned by S. C. and C. A. Morris

Norfolk Terrier
Judge Mr. B. Claydon
Belleville Honey Nut Crunch
Bitch owned by C. S. Thompson-Morgan

Norwich Terrier
Judge Mr. M. S. King
Ch. Ragus Merry Gentleman
Dog owned by L. Crawley and M. Oddie

Parson Russell Terrier
Judge Mrs. S. Atter
INT/MULTI Ch. Rustic Russell P Belvedere
Dog owned by Ms. K. A. Horge

Scottish Terrier
Judge Mr. D. Guy
Mcvan’s To Russia With Love
Bitch owned by M. L. Khenkina

Sealyham Terrier
Judge Mr. L. H. Snow
CH/AM Ch. Blomendal’s Born In The USA At Thunder Road
Dog owned by S. Hawks and J. Bledge

Skye Terrier
Judge Mr. C. Dann
Ch. Salena The Special One
Dog owned by S. C. Breeze

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Judge Mrs. A. Switzer
INT/GER/LUX/AM/AMG Ch. Greentree Storm Catcher
Dog owned by M. Moeller-Sieber and B. McDonald

Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Judges Dr. A. Bryden (D) and Mrs. J. Hunter (B)
Cj. Crossguns Memphis Belle
Bitch owned by W. and J. Blacker

Welsh Terrier
Judge Mr. P. J. Green
Noraly Of The New Husken
Bitch owned by B. Bruce, S. Curran and R. Berg

West Highland White Terrier
Judge Mrs. D. Britten
Whitebriar Jaw Dropper
Dog owned by J. Fraser


Best of Breed Winners in the Hound Group

Hounds were judged Thursday, March 7, 2013

Afghan Hound
Judge Mr. G. M. Parsell (D) and Mr. D. S. Iley (B)
FR Ch. C’est Moi Du Menuel Galopin
Dog owned by M. Robin

Judge Mr. A. Hunt
Ch. Tokaji California Dreaming
Bitch owned by D. Hardy and P. Hallam

Basset Fauve de Bretagne
Judge Miss E. W. Newton
Hibeck Scooby Doo With Soletrader
Dog owned by A. Leech and S. Robertson

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)
Judge Mrs. L. Skerritt
NL/FR/INT/EUR/BC Ch. Xpreszo Du Greffier Du Roi
Dog owned by J. Huisman and M. Konings

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)
Judge Ms. L. Lewis
Ch. Soletrader Peek A Boo
Bitch owned by S. Robertson and W. Doherty

Basset Hound
Judge Mrs. L. Ness
Ch. Switherland Touch N The Dark With Sasilasy
Dog owned by M. Rogers, D. Grace and C. Twaddle

Judge Mr. M. Phillips
CH/AUS GRAND Ch. Orobay Graceful Triumph
Dog owned by B. Foster and J. Davies

Judge Mr. C. Avery
Maplemead Melodeon From Marksbury
Bitch owned by S. M. Emrys-Jones

Judge Mrs. G. P. Rose
Ryazan Anton
Dog owned by J. Clare

Dachshund (Long-Haired)
Judge Mrs. R. Lockett-Walters
Ch. Bronia Lotario
Dog owned by E.  Mitchell

Dachshund (Miniature Long-Haired)
Judge Mrs. S. Goddard
Ridgegrove Jasmine
Bitch owned by Y. Angear

Dachshund (Smooth-Haired)
Judge Mr. J. Horswell
Tita-Tovenaar Van De Wouwer
Bitch owned by J. J. M. Meeuwesen

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth-Haired)
Judge Mrs. V. Skinner
Ch. D’Arisca I Do Declare
Dog owned by L. Coxon

Dachshund (Wire-Haired)
Judge Mr. M. Caple
Tendrow Peaches
Bitch owned by V. Phillips

Dachshund (Miniature Wire-Haired)
Judge Mrs. J. Squires
Stargang Czarina
Bitch owned by H. Blackburn-Bennett

Judge Miss S. Finnett
All Guns Blazing For Ladygrove
Dog owned by A. and S. Phillips

Finnish Spitz
Judge Mr. C. K. Thornton
CH/IR Ch. Kunniakas Look No Further For Whittimere
Dog owned by R. I. Greaves and W. S. Croxford

Judge Mr. A. Hunt
Dazzleby Dandelion
Bitch owned by R. Griffiths

Judge Mr. R. A. W. Searle
Ch. Windspiel Northern Stylo
Bitch owned by E. Newsham

Judge Miss E. W. Newton
Kilcavan Mister Jemmerley
Dog owned by M. J. Longman

Ibizan Hound
Judge Mrs. M. R. Nixon
Ch. Maki De Can Perruan Falconcrag
Dog owned by S. Marston-Pollock

Irish Wolfhound
Judge Mrs. J. Malley
Ch. Mascotts Another Dreamer At Cahmega
Bitch owned by C. and S. Neal

Norwegian Elkhund
Judge Mrs. Z. Thorn-Andrews
Ch./IR Ch. Kestos Ispy At Graythor
Dog owned by B. and L. A. Middleton

Judge Mr. J. Swinge
Ch. Teckelgarth Horus
Dog owned by M. Lerego and J. Court

Pharaoh Hound
Judge Mrs. P. Marston-Pollock
Ch. Naqada Shaken Not Stirred
Dog owned by M. J. Richmond

Portuguese Podengo (Warren Hound)
Judge Mr. C. K. Thornton
Arranbourne Amoroso
Dog owned by E. A. Segui

Rhodesian Ridgeback
Judge Mrs. A. Gates
Jimanns Jiggy Jiggy
Bitch owned by A. Harrower

Judge Mrs. J. Jaques
Classicus Cassander
Dog owned by J. Glaister and A. and M. Parker

Judge Mr. A. Hunt
Falconcrag Sahsheer
Bitch owned by B. L. and C. C. Davies

Judge Mr. P. Iversen (D) and Mrs. E. C. Whimpanny (B)
Ch. Shalfleet Simply A Lord
Dog owned by J. Wilton-Clark


Best of Breed Winners in the Toy Group

Judge Mrs. A. Arch
Ch. Kilbarchan Schwarz Edition at Jolakada
Dog owned by G. J. Smith

Australian Silky Terrier
Judge Miss V. Cox
IR Ch. Curiosity To Talk About Kiacieko
Dog owned by K. Sharp-Dixon and J. Reyes

Bichon Frise
Judge Mrs. A. Worth
CH/IR Ch. Ashmair Double Act
Dog owned by A. Connolly

Judge Mr. M. Burns
IR Ch. Vauboyen Sietynas Taygete
Dog owned by A. Fogarty

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Judges Mrs. A. H. Rennard (D) and Mr. K. Town (B)
Ch. Pascavale Bailey
Dog owned by M. Levy, M. Sedgwick and K. Cline

Chihuahua (Long Coat)
Judge Ms. A. Oliver
Sanmarco Carry On Syd
Dog owned by V. A. Ellis

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)
Judge Mr. D. S. P. Milton
Taradona Alice
Bitch owned by P. Tranter

Chinese Crested
Judge Miss L. Mckenzie
Ch. Debrita Diaz
Bitch owned by T. Dixon

Coton de Tulear
Judge Mrs. V. Blore
Ch. Diwal Du Castel De La Roche Aux Fees
Dog owned by J. Cedric

English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan)
Judge Miss V. Cox
LU Ch. Yurrugar Diamonds N Dreams
Bitch owned by K. Noth

Griffon Bruxellois
Judge Mrs. L. Dangerfield
Marquant In Your Dreams
Bitch owned by A. B. Price and L. Prouve

Judge Mr. M. Burns
Happyfriends What A Guy
Dog owned by S. J. Walker

Italian Greyhound
Judge Miss M. Foley
Ch. Dalinset Sarastro
Dog owned by R., D. and L. Hodges

Japanese Chin
Judge Mrs. D. Fry
Homerbrent Kotaishi of Choya
Dog owned by R. Banks

King Charles Spaniel
Judge Mr. N. Beck
Ch. Maibee Theo
Dog owned by W. Moffat and J. Robins

Lowchen (Little Lion Dog)
Judge Mrs. J. Creffield
Teejay Spell of Gold Back To Leanzak
Bitch owned by L. and A. L. Raines

Judge Mrs. S. Johnson-Love
AM/CAN Ch. Hi-Lite Come Dance With Me
Dog owned by S. Jackson and A. Wylie

Miniature Pinscher
Judge Mrs. H. McLean
Estivals Tinchy Strider At Bobitch
Dog owned by R. Hitchcock

Judge Mrs. S. Stanbury
CH/AM/G Ch. Lafford Fly Me Too Farleysbane
Dog owned by E. Vandermolen and S. Newcomb

Judge Miss E. M. Parkin
Ch. Jonsville Only A Rumour
Dog owned by G. G. J. Thomas

Judge Mrs. V. Hourihane
IR Ch. Belliver Unexpectedtarget
Dog owned by J. Newman and E. Terry

Judge Mrs. A. Bolton
Kymclara Takota Joe
Dog owned by R. and K. Topliss

Yorkshire Terrier
Judge Mrs. M. Eades
Ch. Royal Precious JP’s F4 Juliana
Bitch owned by Y. Obana


Best of Breed Winners in the Utility Group

Judge Mrs. R. Wright
Ch. Dykebar Revenge Is Sweet At Stecal
Bitch owned by C. and F. Bevis

Boston Terrier
Judge Mrs. W. J. Miller
BISS MJCH Kennedy’s Wild Rock N’Roll With Hessenvilla
Dog owneed by C. Munch and S. R. Kennedy

Judge Mrs. J. Daws
Ch. Laroyal’s Best Kept Secret JW
Bitch owned by J. and S. Lamont

Canaan Dog
Judge Mrs. Z. Thorn-Andrews
AM Ch. Ha’Aretz Hayyim For Anacan
Dog owned by E. M. Minto

Chow Chow
Judge Mrs. P. Godber
DK/NOR/S/FIN/KLB/INT Ch. Pei Fang Eyecatcher
Bitch owned by M. Mette

Judge Lady MacDonald of Sleat
Ch. Offordale Chevalier JW
Dog owned by J. E. Alexander

French Bulldog
Judge Miss M. Deats
Renuar New War Bonnet Glenlee
Dog owned by G. and E. Drummond

German Spitz (Mittel)
Judge Mr. R. Ensz
Ch. Nosregor Betwitched For Musique
Bitch owned by J. Y. and A. M. Chambers

German Spitz (Klein)
Judge Mrs. E. Peach
Longsdale’s Willie Win
Dog owned by G. Pearce and D. Francis

Japanese Akita Inu
Judge Mrs. R. Wright
Nosferatu No Aiwa Katsu Go
Dog owned by T. Thomas and L. Marchant

Japanese Shiba Inu
Judge Mr. Derek Smith
Ch. Vormund Norma Jean
Bitch owned by MM. S. Dunhill-Hall

Japanese Spitz
Judge Mr. M. Quinney
Surianne Crystal Charmer
Dog owned by R. Aston

Judge Mrs. Z. Thorn-Andrews
Neradmik Late Night Love
Bitch owned by V. Gatt

Lhasa Apso
Judge Mrs. W. Cain
Ch. Timazinti’s Hope and Dreams
Bitch owned by J. Scarll and S. Sykes

Miniature Schnauzer
Judge Mr. D. Wilkinson
Ch. Starbound Strike It Right At Jastalla
Dog owned by J. Hood

Poodle (Miniature)
Judge Mrs. A. H. Odell
Ch. Minarets Secret Ambition
Dog owned by M. Harwood

Poodle (Standard)
Judge Mrs. K. Sillito-Beale
DK/SE/FI Ch. Abica’s Miles Ahead
Dog owned by K. N. Nielsen, M. N. Nilsson and K. A. Arnold

Poodle (Toy)
Judge Mrs. Lesley-Anne Howard
Smash JP Winner Take It All
Bitch owned by Y. Omura

Judge Mr. M. Gilchrist
CH/IR Ch. Monterrez Jingle Belle For Hantreved
Bitch owned by P., J. and K. Lawless

Judge Mr. A. Wight
Ch. Andix Mr Brightside
Dog owned by A. and L. Dixon

Shar Pei
Judge Mrs. W. Coates
Ch. Tianshan Shine Rocco’s Baby
Dog owned by J. Bayliss

Shih Tzu
Judge Mr. M. I. Harper
Cedarhythe Dirty Dancin
Dog owned by H. and F. Clifford

Tibetan Spaniel
Judge Mr. R. H. Gregory
Souska Dance Alone
Bitch owned by I. Blackshaw and D. Roberts

Tibetan Terrier
Judge Mr. M. James
Kybo Pandarama
Bitch owned by D. Roberts, J. Price and F. Whitehead


Best of Breed Winners in the Gundog Group

Bracco Italiano
Judge Ms. C. Fry
NL Ch. Valentino Di Regione Montagnose
Dog owned by C. H. Van Holland

Judge Mr. G. Hargreaves
SH CH/IR SH Ch. Eastonite Dee Dee Avec Llessort
Bitch owned by I. and M. C. Trossell

English Setter
Judge Mr. F. Kane
Moorbrook Uptown Flirt At Pernickety
Bitch owned by S. D. Cook

German Longhaired Pointer
Judge Mrs. S. M. Marshall
IR SH Ch. Arany’s Falco
Dog owned by B. Moss

German Shorthaired Pointer
Judge Mrs. C. A. Coode
SH CH/NED Ch. Kavacanne Toff At The Top
Dog owned by A. P. Rose and J. G. Gaffney

German Wirehaired Pointer
Judge Miss C. Shaw
Ch. Trollangens Runar At Bareve
Dog owned by B. and S. Pinkerton

Gordon Setter
Judge Mr. S. Rhodes
Shannas Wavedancer Of Tarcoulter
Dog owned by K. McKnight

Hungarian Vizsla
Judge Mr. L. A. Wilks
Nicael Galicia
Bitch owned by A. Papworth

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla
Judge Mrs. P. Williams
Lanspar Havvasi
Bitch owned by T. A. Pearson

Irish Red & White Setter
Judge Mrs. M. T. Gurney
SH Ch. Corranroo Connexion
Dog owned by K. A. Griffin

Irish Setter
Judges Mrs. J. Kniveton (D) and Mrs. P. Jeffires (B)
SH CH/IR SH Ch. Northamber Just Cause For Glenavna
Dog owned by C. McLarnon

Italian Spinone
Judge Mrs. C. A. Spencer
Una Volta Per Sempre Sorriso Del Riccini
Dog owned by S. Whittingham, P. Wright and C. Bexon

Judge Mrs. E. Hughes
IR Ch. Crunchcroft Invincible
Dog owned by E. M. Kennedy

Large Munsterlander
Judge Mrs. F. A. Somerfield
SH Ch. Hanechdene Jack Daniels
Dog owned by S. Dewar

Judge Mrs. M. J. Northcott
Sharnphilly Redshank For Ratchda
Dog owned by G. Marsh

Retriever (Chesapeake Bay)
Judge Mr. J. S. Thirlwell
CH/SWE Ch. Penrose Jack Tar
Dog owned by J. Morris

Retriever (Curly Coated)
Judge Dr. R. W. James
SH Ch. Gladrags Diamonds Forever
Bitch owned by H. R. Phillips and C. Mann

Retriever (Flat-Coated)
Judges Miss S. E. F. Whittaker (D) and Miss B. A. Johnson (B)
Llantrussa Head Over Heels To Bordercot
Dog owned by R. Brady

Retriever (Golden)
Judges Mrs. H. V. G. Morss (D) and Mr. R. Sillence (B)
SH Ch. Siatham Calamity Jane
Bitch owned by A. E. Falconer

Retriever (Labrador)
Judges Mrs. E. W. Nolan (D) and Mr. T. Grant (B)
IT Ch. Loch Mor Romeo
Dog owned by F. Barberi

Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)
Judge Mr. F. H. Whyte
Trevargh The Entertainer At Brizewood
Dog owned by B. Harding and E. Whitehill

Spaniel (American Cocker)
Judge Mrs. S. A. Blackwell-Goulding
SH Ch. Afterglow Pearl’s A Singer
Bitch owned by S. Crummey and J. Lynn

Spaniel (Clumber)
Judge Mrs. M. Taylor
Big Boom’s Banditos Dex
Dog owned by L. L. Levai

Spaniel (Cocker)
Judges Ms. J. Darby (D) and Mr. D. J. Telford (B)
SH Ch. Canigou Storytime At Withflor
Bitch owned by S. J. Ellison

Spaniel (English Springer)
Judge Ms. M. Stowe
Peasblossom Chance
Dog owned by Mr. and Mrs. D. Mitchell

Spaniel (Field)
Judge Mr. I. G. Williams
Nadavin Quany At Vrackie
Dog owned by A. Menzies and M. A. Henderson

Spaniel (Irish Water)
Judge Mrs. A. Webster
SH CH/AM Ch. Whistlestop’s Elements of Magic
Dog owned by J. Carruthers and C. McDaniel

Spaniel (Sussex)
Judge Mrs. G. Hay
SH Ch. Jubilwell Mashona At Pindani
Bitch owned by K. Kenyon and I. D. Smith

Spaniel (Welsh Springer)
Judge Miss K. M. Gorman
Glenbrows Timelord
Dog owned by T. D. and H. L. Harrison

Spanish Water Dog
Judge Mrs. V. O. Foss
SP/SW Ch. Curioso De La Ribera Del Gentil Del Valentisimo
Dog owned by N. B., B. J. R. and J. C. Egginton

Judge Mr. R. A. Clarke
SH Ch. Gunalt De Ice At Stridview
Dog owned by K. Whitehead


Best of Breed Winners in the Working Group

Alaskan Malamute
Judge Ms. S. Ellis
DK Ch. Inupiat’s Quuniqsuq Jason
Dog owned by T. Chrillesen and A. Rost

Bernese Mountain Dog
Judge J. B. Bispham
Ch. Meadowpark Whispers Breeze
Bitch owned by B. Mair and C. Hartley-Mair

Bouvier des Flandres
Judge Mrs. L. Nichols
Fahrenheit From The Dogsfarm
Dog owned by E. Zwoferink

Judges Mr. T. Hutchings (D) and Mrs. Y. C. Miller (B)
Roamaro Read All About It With Kiztok
Dog owned by M. Laidlaw and G. Stockton

Judge Mrs. P. E. M. Jeans-Brown
N/DK/SE Ch. Old Manila’S Little Mill
Bitch owned by H. Kjeldby

Canadian Eskimo Dog
Judge Mrs. J. Peak
Shepherdsway Jack Frost
Dog owned by E. Salter

Judges Mr. S. J. Mallard (D) and Mr. K. Baldwin (B)
Grafmax Louis Armstrong
Dog owned by S. J. Thorn

Dogue de Bordeaux
Judge Mrs. C. Davis
INT/MULITI Ch. Bakervill’s Style Funkyboy
Dog owned by MSA Bakker

German Pinscher
Judge Mr. R. Collicott
Aritaur Gunga Din
Dog owned by C. Ranson and B. Pearce

Giant Schnauzer
Judge Mrs. Z. Thorn-Andrews
POL Ch. Picasso Z Tartaku At Foxwood
Dog owned by N. Rylance

Great Dane
Judge Mr. L. Morgan Evans
Smalltall’s Believe In Me
Bitch owned by H. Lund

Greenland Dog
Judge Mrs. J. Peak
Sledog Howling Blizzard
Dog owned by M. Plummer

Judge Mr. T. H. Johnston
INT Ch. Darcius Gasko Prim
Dog owned by L. Kunstekova

Judge H. E. Davenport-Willis
RUS/FIN/RKF/LT/LV/EST/UKR/BLR/GER/INT Ch. Amicus Optimus Antonius
Dog owned by N. Kukharskaya

Judge Mrs. A. Griffin
Thomaster Black Rose
Bitch owned by M. and P. Fox

Neapolitan Mastiff
Judge Mrs. J. Peak
Dog owned by S. Smidova Sonja

Judge Mr. P. Galvin
New Angels Knoxx
Dog owned by Gautier – Van Leuven

Portuguese Water Dog
Judge Mrs. V. Stevens
Ch. Tracklem Talk Of The Town
S. R. Dring and J. Sword

Judges Mrs. N. Keenan (D) and Mrs. M. Smith (B)
Ch. Varenka Maximillion At Granjolea
Dog owned by G. Leask

Russian Black Terrier
Judge Mrs. L. Dunhill
CH/INT/RUS/BLR/SER Ch. Moskvorechie Yason
Dog owned by G. Yacenko
St. Bernard

Siberian Husky
Judge Mr. M. Theaker
Spirell’s Alexei At Korsvig
Dog owned by M. D. Reeves

Tibetan Mastiff
Judge Mrs. P. E. M. Jeans-Brown
INT/LUX Ch. Chodak-Druk Du Domaine De Toundra Of Heronsview
Dog owned by R. M. Gardiner


Best of Breed Winners in the Pastoral Group

Anatolian Shepherd Dog
Judge Mr. K. Baldwin
Filo Kangal Du Bonnie Blue Flag
Dog owned by MVDR L. Hlubek

Australian Cattle Dog
Judge Miss K. Jebson
Tiborkie Tee Rex
Dog owned by R. L. Kaye

Australian Shepherd
Judge Mr. C. Dowson
Ch. Allmark Fifth Avenue
Bitch owned by N. Allan and R. Harlow

Bearded Collie
Judge Dr. M. P. Buckley (D) and Mrs. D. Atkins (B)
Braddabrook Voyager At Kitesover
Dog owned by C. Boddington

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)
Judge M. F. Berton-Sarlat
Ch. Xanova Wolf Walker
Dog owned by J. Streater

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Lakenois)
Judge Mrs. W. Van Deijl
DUTCH Ch. Shepherds Dogmate Bugatti Veyron
Bitch owned by P. Hermans and J. Janssen

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)
Judge M. F. Berton-Sarlat
Ch. Gisele Grandgousier Du Crepuscule Des Loups
Bitch owned by T. Jellicoe

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)
Judge Mrs. W. Van Deijl
UKC Ch. Domburg Icandy
Bitch owned by L. Collins

Border Collie
Judges Miss T. Wilkinson (D) and Mr. R. A. W. Searle (B)
SP/ROM/NL/LUX/HUN/GER VDH/GER CLUB Ch. Eyes Of The World Fairy Tale
Bitch owned by P. Schenvenels

Judge Ms. S. Jolly
Ch. Touslefell Catch A Dream
Bitch owned by L. Ledsham

Collie (Rough)
Judges Mr. A. Staniland (D) and Mrs. C. Collins (B)
Buebezi Belle Mystique De Cathyja
Bitch owned by K. Little

Collie (Smooth)
Judge Mrs. P. Sewell
Ch. Sandcastle’s True Topic
Dog owned by T. and B. Hayward

Estrela Mountain Dog
Judge Mr. T. Munro
Asterel Fernando
Dog owned by P. A. Dean

Finnish Lapphund
Judge Mr. J. Horswell
MULTI Ch. Fidelis Duuri
Dog owned by J. Holtman

German Shepherd Dog
Judge Mr. K. Hoyland
Ch. Elmo Vom Huhnegrab
Dog owned by J. Cullen

Hungarian Kuvasz
Judge Mrs. V. O. Foss

Hungarian Puli
Judge Mr. K. R. Newhouse
INT/AU/NZ/DK/S/N Ch. Cordmaker Hurdy Gurdy
Bitch owned by Rusz

Judge Mrs. V. O. Foss
Aghata De La Combe Parisette Tourmentine
Bitch owned by K. Sear and I. Quill

Lancashire Heeler
Judge Mr. R. T. Baker
Ch. Foxthyme Oliver Cromwell
Dog owned by J. S. Cartledge and E. Lord

Maremma Sheepdog
Judge Mr. T. H. Johnston
EURO/ROM Ch. Gelsomino Di Selvaspina
Dog owned by A. Albrigo

Norwegian Buhund
Judge Mrs. G. Hussey
AM Ch. Visions Dino At Trollheimen
Dog owned by B. and R. Solomon

Old English Sheepdog
Judge P. A. Bradley
Ch. Aryakas Genesis At Beauvallon
Bitch owned by G. and H. M. Harris

Polish Lowland Sheepdog
Judge Mrs. B. M. Young
Dobrany Dorianblue Grzmot At Chrevle
Dog owned by K. and C. Burdett-Coutts

Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Judge Mr. I Spencer-Brown
Ch. Gillandant Sugar And Spice
Bitch owned by G. P. Pollard

Pyrenean Sheepdog (Long-Haired)
Judge Mrs. V. O. Foss
Friponne Du Pic D’Espade Kelltara
Bitch owned by P. M. Phillips

Shetland Sheepdog
Judge Mrs. M. Ross
Shianise Always Amelia
Bitch owned by I. M. and D. J. Shepherd

Swedish Vallhund
Judge Mr. A. Wight
Starvon Vanquish
Dog owned by P. D. Lewis

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)
Judge Mr. S. J. Magness
AM Ch. Yasashiikuma Telltail Dbledare
Dog owned by L. Croft-Elliott and P. O’Donnell

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)
Judge Mrs. S. Burgess
Ch. Stadwen Spartakus
Dog owned by D. A. and W. Rees

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