Crowdfunding Begins For The Movie “Dude, Where’s My Ferret?”

Director Alison Parker today began an IndieGoGo campaign that runs through June 5 to raise $15,000 for her latest short movie: Dude, Where’s My Ferret?

If you know what the code word 420 means and you’re a ferret fan, then the upcoming short movie Dude, Where’s My Ferret? could be must-see material for you. Of course, you don’t have to be either or both to enjoy it — but first, the movie has to be made. 

That’s what director Alison Parker of Vancouver, Canada, is working on right now. Today, she launched an IndieGoGo campaign to crowdfund the remaining $15,000 needed to make the stoner comedy she has been developing for the past year. The majority of the project has already been funded by a generous private investor. A promo video for the project posted on YouTube today.

Dude, Where’s My Ferret? follows the mischief that arises between a ferret and the protagonist, Skeezix, when Skeezix must unexpectedly take care of his girlfriend’s ferret for a while. She was supposed to be driving Skeezix to a marijuana-growing contest, but instead arrives with her ferret and leaves suddenly, sans ferret. The big question is will Skeezix be able to handle caring for his possibly prize-winning plant and the ferret while his girlfriend is gone?

Today Parker announced the cast lined up for the film.

“We have cast Dylan Playfair (Some Assembly Required, The Gordie Howe Story) to play our lead character Skeezix, the bumbling stoner who gets stuck babysitting his dream girl’s ferret. Leanne Lapp (Grave Encounters 2, Surprised by Love) will play his dream girl Zelda, Tim Carlson (Young Drunk Punk, School of Fish) will play Skeezix’s best friend Durwood, and Michael Roberds (The New Addams Family, Elf) plays the landlord Mr. Roach. Last but certainly not least, Krusty the Ferret (Santa’s Little Ferrets, Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce) plays our star, Ferret Bueller!”

cast and crew
© Courtesy Josh Laner Photography 
Director Alison Parker has already lined up the cast and crew to shoot the short movie.

The IndieGoGo campaign will run through June 5, 2015, and if the goal of $15,000 is met, stretch goals ranging from $16,500 to $25,000 will pay for things like a behind-the-scenes featurette, a fun cartoon for the end credits and even hiring a story editor to help the team create a full script for a 90-minute feature film. Making a 90-minute feature film is Parker’s ultimate goal.

The campaign has 15 levels of perks for funders. These range from the $1 Ferret Buddha, which gets funders a personalized thank you shout out on the DWMF Facebook and Twitter pages, to the $4,200 The Blazing Ferret, which only one person can claim and includes quite a few goodies. 

Parker realizes that unlike her previous family-oriented films (Jake And Jasper: A Ferret Tale, The Magic Ferret, Santa’s Little Ferrets), Dude, Where’s My Ferret might not appeal to everyone who enjoyed her past films.

“This is a movie for adults, not kids,” Parker said. “It features the use of cannabis, so I cannot recommend this film for children or anyone who has a problem with that sort of thing. Stoner comedies are not for everyone. The film will still showcase ferrets in positive and accurate ways, however. In fact I think this film will feature more ferret hijinks and mischief than any of my previous films.”

ferret in jar
© Courtesy Alison Parker 
The magic of movie props and special effects will make it seem like a ferret is around marijuana, but the IndieGoGo DWMF campaign assures that no ferret will be exposed to it or any drug during filming.

In addition to being excited about directing her first comedy, Parker said she’s excited about reaching out to a new audience. 

“I am seeing new fans jumping on the bandwagon every day and many of them are not even ferret owners,” Parker said, “they are just people that love comedy — and cannabis — who stumbled upon my film. The fact that it has a ferret it in it gives it a unique twist to the stoner comedy concept, and I think that’s very exciting.”

Parker currently hopes to schedule the two-day film shoot near the end of May. For people who might be concerned for the safety of the ferret during filming, the IndieGoGo page responds in the “frequently asked questions” section: “We love our ferrets and treat them like royalty. They even have their own private green room! Krusty the Ferret will never be exposed to real marijuana or drugs of any kind. Everything you will see on film is a movie prop or Visual FX.”

Lest you think the plotline of entering a marijuana-growing contest is fiction, such contests actually exist.

“It’s called the Cannabis Cup and it is put on by High Times magazine in many cities around the world,” Parker said. “There is a huge one coming up on 4/20 in Denver, Colorado, and this is where our film takes place. I’m no expert but I know they have categories for best new strain, best edibles, best new product, etc.”

© Courtesy Francesca Cerisano 
An 8 by 10 laminated storyboard autographed by the director is one of many perks funders can earn depending on the perk level they choose.

If all goes as planned, the short movie should be released in July or August of this year. 

“We are releasing the film digitally to platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Vimeo on Demand,” Parker said. “You will be able to purchase the film for $5 or even less in some cases and watch it on your computer! We’ll also be doing a run on the film festival circuit so people can watch it on the big screen in their hometown.”

Those who fund the film for $5 or more will get an advanced pre-screening link to the movie for free.

Parker hints that fans should keep an eye on the DWMF Facebook page.

“We have a lot of generous sponsors on board who have given us products to use for contest giveaways and perks on IndieGoGo, so stay tuned for contests on our Facebook page in the near future! We’ve even got little ferret-sized bandanas with marijuana leafs on them!” 

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