Super Sneaky Crow Stalks Dog

A sneaky crow stealthily stalks a dog before pranking the unsuspecting pooch.

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Just a peck. Just one little peck.
Chrissa Hardy

Crows are impressively intelligent birds, and one recently got the best of a dog.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Frode Riis Corneliussen last month (and is still making the viral rounds today), a sneaky little crow follows a dog around outside, ever so subtly inching closer and closer until it nips the dog’s tail.

Annnnnnnd ATTACK. Via YouTube

Annnnnnnd ATTACK. Via YouTube

It’s really the calculated execution of the crow’s little prank that makes this act so impressive. The crow waddles around, trailing the oblivious dog while doing its best to appear casual. At one point, the dog looks around and the crow starts pecking at the ground as if it had no attack motive at all.

As soon as the coast is clear, the crow moves closer, closer and then BOOM. It nips the dog’s tail and flies off before the dog can do anything about it.

Crows: 1, Dogs: 0.

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