Cross-Eyed Cat Ozzy Charms Us

An accident left Ozzy the cat with crossed eyes but his looks only make us love him more.

Eight-year-old Ozzy was just a tiny kitten when, it’s believed, he fell out of a window, and hit his head. The accident rendered him sight-impaired and permanently cross-eyed, but failed to break his charming spirit. Instead, his unusual look has left him with celebricat status due to his resemblance to a certain hypnotized panther named Bagheera from the animated Disney film “The Jungle Book.”

“He looks like the panther from the Disney movie when you see the eyes,” Ian McDougall, Ozzy’s owner, told South West News Service. “Me and Evelyn took him in because he was the runt of the litter. I think he’s got tunnel vision, he can look at one bit and then it’s a bit further away. It’s very comical when he’s chasing a fly. He’s got real character about him.”

Ozzy, who resides as an indoor cat in Perth, Scotland with Ian, his wife, Evelyn, and their 16-year-old son, Connor (who has Hunters Disease Type 2), has great success navigating his home turf despite his condition (“He can run up and down the corridor,” says McDougall), but has a taste for the outdoors, managing two great escapes in the past three years. While he was discovered quickly after his first adventure, his most recent foray was a little more worrisome for the McDougall’s.

Missing for five days, Ozzy finally turned up in a car showroom at an Arnold Clark garage, where staff quickly put in a call to the Scottish SPCA, helping in the reunion between Ozzy and the McDougall’s.

“My son left the door open when he was waiting on the school bus and he must have sneaked out in beside the floor pots and we mustn’t have noticed,” says McDougall. “We were very relieved to have found him. The SSPCA put it up on their Facebook and I said ‘that’s my cat’. Since he came home he’s started to sleep in our bed, I don’t know if it’s for security. We wouldn’t swap him for anything.”

Has Ozzy captured your heart as he has ours?

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