Creative Vet Bill Payment Ideas, Ferret Laughter And Ferret Happy Endings

When money is tight, ways to cope include getting creative with veterinary bill payment options and enjoying ferret-inspired laughs and happy endings.

It’s June. June — the halfway mark for the year. And what a year it’s been, eh? Last year at this time I had no idea that the economy was going to take such a nosedive. In addition to all the concerns about job loss, foreclosures and other problems, it’s been sad to read about pets of all types being abandoned or not receiving veterinary care.

This month, L. Vanessa Gruden offers some hope for people who might be low on funds but wish to get veterinary care for their ferrets. Her article includes tips on how to pay veterinary bills when money is tight.

For those of you who might need a lift for your spirits, I highly recommend reading Alexandra Sargent-Colburn’s latest column. Her writings on the Internet about ferrets have brought her some unexpected notoriety, and her description of what happened had me laughing out loud.

If you enjoy happy endings, you’ve got to read about Grayson, a shelter ferret that finally found a loving home.

P.S. Is your ferret a “talker”? Immortalize him or her by submitting its vocalizations as a ringtone that you and others can download.

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