Creative Cat Owner Makes Tiny Cat Hats From Shed Fur

Finally a use for all that cat hair you have lying around the house.

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Cats in unicorn hats. Makes perfect sense to us. Via rojiman/Instagram
Stephanie Brown

Cats are such giving creatures. They give us kisses, head bonks, kneady massages and “presents” they caught themselves. And you know what else they love to give us? Their hair. They leave their hair everywhere — all over our blankets, clothes, couches and carpets.

One cat owner has found a way to repurpose that hair and give it back to its rightful owner.

Japanese photographer Ryo Yamazaki takes the hair his three Scottish Fold cats shed and makes tiny cat hats out of it. His Instagram is full of photos of his cats donning their whimsical hats, some of them more willingly than others. Here are some of our favorite fur creations.

1. The Cat Ears Hat

For when your own cat ears are not as pointy as you’d like them to be.

2. The Acorn

This hat is only in season a couple months out of the year.

3. The Sorting Hat

Ten points to Gryffindor!

4. The Unicorn Horn Hat

And we thought cats couldn’t be any more magicial than they already are.

5. The Triple Topper

Why wear one hat when you can wear three?

6. The Triple Topper Revisited

Why wear one hat when you can wear three — on your butt?

7.The Whipped Cream Hat

It’s so fresh, all of your cat friends will want one.

8. The Dunce Cap

This cat clearly doesn’t know what he’s done to deserve the dunce cap, and he is not happy about it.

9. The Presidential Coif

OK, so this isn’t so much a hat as it is a little cat toupée. Looks so familiar…

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