Creating a Happy Life for Your Dog

New book discusses caring for animals the way they need us to.

Animal lovers want the best for their pets, but it can sometimes be difficult to tell what that is. If an animal is in physical pain, we can easily identify it. But how do we know if our pets are emotionally distressed?

The new book “Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals” by animal scientist Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson helps you better understand your pets.

As an autistic individual, Grandin always felt a special connection to animals. Utilizing her nearly 30 years of research, she explores the relationship between humans and animals, particularly focusing on the emotional needs of animals.

Much like us, Grandin says that animals have a range of feelings, both negative and positive. To give them the best quality of life, it is important that we understand these feelings and fulfill their needs. Grandin suggests methods to help our animals – with their best interest in mind.

Grandin offers a variety of ways to bond with your animal, and owners who seek a stronger relationship with their pets will appreciate her insight into the animal mind.

“Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals” by Temple Grandin and Catherine Johnson is on sale now.

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