Create a Website for Your Cat

In just five easy steps, you can create a fun, personalized website about your pet cat. Share photos of your cat with friends and family, and relate the stories that make your pet special.

They cheer us when we’re blue and they love us when we’re lonely. The least we can do is to bring our cats into the 21st century.

Creating a website for your cat is fun and easier than you might think. You can celebrate with your cat by posting his history in pictures, like postcard designer Janalee Faucher did for her late but great Action Cat. She used stories of Action Cat’s life as captions.

You can jump in at any technological level you wantfrom creating the page from scratch in HTML (hypertext markup language) to easy-to-use pre-programmed templates, available over the Web.

Five simple steps are all it takes.

1. Planning: The best way to start a Web page is with the old-fashioned tools of pen and paper. Write down every element you want to put into your pages: Lists of links, email addresses for you or your cats (it’s more common than you might think), graphics, stories and notes of what you like from other cat-centric sites.

For a multiple-page site, draw a map indicating which sections and pages will link to others. Although users browsing the Web don’t always browse in page order, it’s good to have a site plan. This makes the intended path through your site clearer. Plan your first page with a table of contents, linking to every other page on the site. You can later copy and paste this into subsequent pages, and users will be able to get to any page in your site from any other page.

2. Words and Pictures: Edit longer stories in a real word processing program like Microsoft Word, which has a reliable spell checker. You can cut and paste the text onto your page later.

Not sure what to write about? Ask yourself some questions. Did you adopt or buy your cat? How did you decide on his name? What’s the funniest, sweetest, most unusual thing he ever did? Try telling a story from the cat’s point of view. Or simply write a few lines to go with photos; a simple series of images and captions makes a great page.

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