Create A Ferret Vampire-Bat Pinata

This Halloween, wow your family and friends with this fun ferret pinata.

Halloween is a great holiday because it allows unending creativity. You can get away with things that would get you put into a straightjacket the rest of the year. It is a time that brings family and friends together to create outrageous costumes; weird, but fun things to eat; and decorations that pop out of nowhere to scare the bejeebers out of you.

Making a ferret piñata is a great project for families with kids, or friends. It’s a scary decoration that also doubles as a game, and it is full of good things to eat. What could be better than a ferret vampire bat piñata for Halloween?

This project takes extra time to make because of the drying time required. It is also messy in the beginning, so use a large piece of plastic or layers of newspaper to work on. Plastic aprons or old clothes will protect your clothing.

Lots of clean newspaper
Large plastic table cover
Tub of wallpaper plaster (ready to use)
Large bowl
Masking tape (or other tape)
Felt in the following colors: pink, white, medium brown and black
Crepe paper or wrapping tissues in dark brown, light brown and white or off-white
Heavy cardboard
Felt marker that is black and broad-tipped

Step-By-Step Assembly Instructions For Ferret Vampire Bat Piñata
To start, blow up three round balloons and one small round balloon. (See ferret piñata image #1)

Tape these together to form a ferret shape. (See ferret piñata image #2)

Take two empty paper towel rolls and cut them in half. Tape these on as legs. Cut ears and a cone for the face and nose from light cardboard. Take one whole paper towel role and tape on as the tail. (See ferret piñata image #3) You should see the shape of a ferret forming at this point.

Take a bunch of newspapers and cut them into 2 inch strips. (See ferret piñata image #4)

Take your bowl and add half of your wallpaper plaster and about 1/3 the same amount of water. Mix. Open the cut newspaper strips and run into the liquid. Slide the strips between two of your fingers to wipe off excess liquid. Wrap the ferret with the wet strips of paper. Make sure that there are three or four layers of paper everywhere. Weak spots need extra layers. These weak spots include where the legs attach, the stomach, back and neck. (See ferret piñata image #5)

When layering is completed, place the piñata in a warm, dry spot and let it dry thoroughly. This may take overnight. (See ferret piñata image #6)

When dry as a bone, press every part of the piñata for any soft spots and reapply more layers of wet newspaper. Cut a large hole in the back of the ferret. This is where you will load the candy and prizes. Take short strips of wet newspaper and go over the opening of the hole to make it sturdier. (See ferret piñata image #7)

When piñata is completely dry, pop the balloons inside and pull out the rubber guts. (See ferret piñata image #8)

Cut the tissue or crepe paper into 2 inch strips. Cut 1 inch fringe in the strips. (See ferret piñata image #9)

Starting with the white paper, cover the belly of the ferret. (See ferret piñata image #10)

Cut paws from the light brown felt. (See ferret piñata image #11)

Cut small pink circles and glue them on the paw to look like paw pads. Glue each paw on the bottom of each leg. (See ferret piñata image #12)

Now would be a good time to let your ferret inspect your work, because humans are not perfect and ferrets are. (See ferret piñata image #13)

The ferret will check out the sturdiness of the inside and also the ears. Very important (or so my ferret says). (See ferret piñata image #14)

Glue the dark brown fringe on the legs. (See ferret piñata image #15)

Bring the dark brown fringe up the body a little to look like thighs. Draw on the body with the marker, as shown, to indicate where to place the fringe. (See ferret piñata image #16)

Glue the dark brown fringe on the tail. Next you can glue the light brown fringe on the rest of the ferret. (See ferret piñata image #17)

Cut two pink felt ears. (See ferret piñata image #18)

Glue the pink felt ears to the inside of the ears. (See ferret piñata image #19)

Cut one black felt nose. (See ferret piñata image #20)

Glue the nose onto the ferret. (See ferret piñata image #21)

To make the ferret’s mask, glue the dark-brown fringe in a circle for each eye. (See ferret piñata image #22)

Cut and glue two white circles for the eye. (See ferret piñata image #23)

Cut and glue two smaller, black-felt circles for the center of eye. (See ferret piñata image #24)

You have a finished ferret piñata! (See ferret piñata image #25)

Halloween Options
To turn your ferret piñata into a blood-sucking, vampire ferret-bat, cut two wings from cardboard. (See ferret piñata image #26)

Cover all the wing points with the black tissue. (See ferret piñata image #27)

Glue rows of black fringe on the rest of the wing. (See ferret piñata image #28)

Cover the entire wing rest of the wing with black fringe. (See ferret piñata image #29)

Heavily glue the wings in place and let the dry completely before moving. Make sure you do not cover the hole for adding prizes. Congratulations, you have a scary Halloween piñata. (See ferret piñata image #30)

Not Into Bats?
Use your imagination to “dress” your ferret piñata for Halloween. Other ideas include:
1. Ghost Ferret Piñata: Cut a very sheer, white fabric and drape this over the ferret and cut two eye holes.
2. Pumpkin: Make a piñata pumpkin, just as you did the ferret. Glue the pumpkin under the ferret and have a ferret sitting on a pumpkin.
There is no limit to the many interesting ideas that you can come up with. Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!

Loving new ideas, Deva Kolb is constantly designing new arts and crafts. She is always on the lookout for something that would be fun to share, and many of her creations can be seen on her website .

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