Crazy Kitten Syndrome

Are the symptoms of Crazy Kitten Syndrome (CKS) happening in your home? Read on to find out.

Editor’s Note: Writer Tom Schreck, a novice in parenting kittens, shares this humorous plight with other kitten owners living with CKS kittens. He enlists the help of fictional veterinarian Claude Mebalz, DVM.

As I cleaned two pounds of clogged cat hair from my computer mouse recently, the phone rang. Maureen, my wife’s teacher-friend, was calling and was clearly distraught. With a quivering voice, she spoke: “Our new kittens … something just isn’t right with them. … They’re, uh, unstable, unpredictable. …”

Her voice broke and trailed off, but she gathered herself and continued: “The vet says he’s seen it a million times and he’s sorry, but there’s nothing he can do. It’s serious, and it may take a long time for them to get over it. They have something called CKS.”

Being somewhat of a freshman in the college of cat people, I had never heard of this disease and though Maureen was now racked in sobs, I anxiously asked: “CKS? What’s CKS?”

Maureen sniffed back her tears and bravely said: “Our pets have Crazy Kitten Syndrome and there’s no cure.” Tragic indeed.

The more Maureen talked, the more frightened I became. My wife Sue and I had just adopted Lucky, our new kitten. Lucky was exhibiting some telltale CKS symptoms. I contacted world-renowned veterinarian and CKS expert Dr. Claude Mebalz to help me understand what our dear Lucky was going through.

As a service to CAT FANCY readers, let me share what I’ve learned from Dr. Mebalz. No cure exists for CKS yet but through knowledge comes understanding and through understanding there is always a glimmer of hope.

Does your kitten suffer from CKS? Look for these distinguishing symptoms in your kitten now.

Symptom No. 1: Violent Reactions to Inanimate Objects
One recent evening, our home was filled with terror and violence. Without warning, Lucky bounded into the living room, sliding across the hardwood floor until he braked in front of a pizza box.

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