Crating an Akita

Regardless of breed, nine to 10 hours in a crate is not fair to any dog.

Q. I own a 6-month-old male Akita and am out of the house between nine and 10 hours a day. When I left him loose alone I would come home each day to find various items broken or destroyed so I have been crating him. Is that too long a period of confinement? Sometimes I feel so desperate that I just want to give him away but I love him very much.

A. Crating your Akita while you are away will keep him safe, along with your household possessions. However, nine or 10 hours of daily confinement is not fair to your puppy. He is also picking up on your anxiety and desperation, which is not helping matters.

Consider a dog walker to come in midday and let him out for exercise and play. You can advertise for a student or neighbor so this doesn’t have to be a huge expense but be sure they have the strength to manage a big, energetic Akita puppy. Your expenses for a dog walker will be far less than having to replace the household items destroyed by a large, frustrated puppy.

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