Crafts For Your Canine

New book is full of couture projects to keep your pup in style.

For those who believe that fashion should not be limited to two-legged folk, Lilly Shahravesh, the UK’s leading pet couturier has introduced a new book full of stylish do-it-yourself projects for the canine-minded. “Canine Couture: 25 Projects: Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories for Designer Dogs” offers creative crafts to complement any dog. From toys to treat bags, collars to coats, there are plenty of projects to choose from.

The book contains five categories to infuse with style: Everyday Essentials, Whatever the Weather, High Days and Holidays, Jet-Setting Kit, and Bed and Bath. For owners who would like to craft but are concerned about their ability, there’s no reason to fear. There are crafts for every skill level. Beginners might enjoy personalizing a simple food mat for a messy eater, while the more advanced crafter might enjoy sewing a warm winter coat for their favorite companion.

The book includes templates and easy-to-follow instructions, and encourages the use of household items like dish towels, old blankets, and fabric scraps. But above all, the book encourages owners to use their creativity to create items that best express their dog’s unique style. “What matters the most is the enjoyment of making something yourself that is really special for you and your dog,” says Shahravesh.

With projects that range from pretty to practical, every owner can ensure their dog will be living in style.

“Canine Couture: 25 Projects: Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories for Designer Dogs” by Lilly Shahravesh is on sale now.

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