Craftnip: The Walking Dead Edition

"The Walking Dead" might be off the air, but you can still get your fix (and so can kitty) with these cat-themed crafts.

Welcome to Craftnip: A look at the craziest, campiest, corniest and sometimes coolest, crafts for cats and the humans who love them. Here is the latest round-up of cat crafts that are sure to make you scratch your whiskers and wonder why … or why not?

The Walking Dead Edition – Combining your love of Whiskers and Walkers

Zombies & Cats Zone
Sticker via PonjaHija

For the Zombie Fighting Felines
Zombie Slayer Cat Collar via NormanJewelry
“Hello My Name Is … ” zombie Blood personalized pet tags via CustomPetTags
We’re pretty sure cats could be the unsung heroes of the zombie apocalypse. If they were to funnel all the energy they expend telling you their food dish is empty into taking down zombies, the world would be cleared of walkers in a few mere seconds. Here is the perfect collar for your little feline zombie fighter, complete with ZA (zombie apocalypse) accessories and even tally marks of their “kills”. Complete the look with a pet tag that comes suitably blood splattered – which could be from either A. a zombie or B. your hand after you have been “gently” reminded that said kitty is not done being pet, honored for her zombie killing accomplishments.

For The Whiskered Walkers
WALKING DEAD Cat Shirt via valygal
” I heart braaaaaains reversible pet bandana via Electrolucy
The deadpan stare, the ability to strike at any moment (particularly in the dark) and ALWAYS ready to eat … sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between zombies and cats. And what if your cat should turn? Not knowing how to distinguish between living and zombie kitty could mean the difference between having your cheek either licked or chewed off your face. So here’s two foolproof way to mark your whiskered walker; the “Walker” cat shirt, though I’d recommend obtaining 9 lives before attempting to put it on a zombie cat and the “I heart braaaaaains” reversible bandana, which manages to be adorable and disturbing all at the same time – not unlike a zombie kitty.

For the Fans of Daryl Dixon – Catified
Daryl Dixon cat 8.5-inch by 11-inch Print via jennyparksillus
The Wagging Dead 11-inch by 14-inch signed print via ChetArt
We love a man that loves cats. When that man also happens to be a zombie-killing machine that can still look like a stud without showering for…well, probably ever…that’s considered a slam-dunk. When he’s not hoisting a crossbow as Daryl Dixon, Norman Reedus can be found hoisting his adorable black cat, Eye in the Dark, aptly named by his five-year-old son. Reedus’ purring pal has even become fairly famous, boasting her very own Instagram and Twitter feeds. What better way to pay homage then to catify Daryl Dixon! Here are two masterful portrayals of DD as a crossbow-wielding cat saving the world from the walking waggers (one in the form of dogs, naturally). And to not leave out other catifiable characters …click to check out “Sheriff Kitty” Rick and Cat Michonne complete with her zombie dog companions.

For the Sword Slinging Savior:
Folk Art Painted Cat Table Art via Putterpaws
In one impactful scene from the Walking Dead in Season 3, Michonne escapes from zombie infested bar with a rainbow cat she deemed “too damn gorgeous” to leave behind. This scene had many a fan talking about the symbolism behind rainbow kitty (could this be showing a softer side of Michonne?) and even prompted it’s own Twitter feed. And since we know you want to be just like your favorite sword-wielding zombie slayer, Etsy makes it possible to find your very own rainbow kitty. A simple search brings up tons of options …with this one by Putterpaws being our favorite. Of course this isn’t an exact match, so if you’re crafty and can recreate the original rainbow kitty, we know where you can sell it … and we’re totally buying!

For the Kitty WannaZombies
ZomKitteh the Zombie Plush via livetoletlive
Want the deranged cuteness of a zombie kitty without living in fear of losing your limbs? Check out this adorable ZomKitteh (Materials include: necromancy and brains) the plush pet that gives you all the love of a zombie cat without the hassle of handling feline food made out of brains. Or if you’d just like to pretend that your kitty has turned, hand him over one of these catnip filled creations; eyes, fingers, heart and of course … BRAINS!

So … would you mix the love of your whiskered friends with your Walking Dead obsession?

For the Why Not?
Hiatuses hurt … why not let your kitty companion help ease the pain? For the Why? If cat zombies were even a remote possibility, we’d truly be done for. I CAN HAS BRAINZZ??

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