Craftnip: The Cat in the Hat Edition

See which crafts Etsy wants to put on your cat's head.

Allow us to introduce Craftnip: A look at the craziest, campiest, corniest and sometimes coolest, crafts for cats and the humans who love them. Here is the latest round-up of cat crafts that are sure to make you scratch your whiskers and wonder why … or why not?

The Cat in the Hat Edition – Because why should one cat by Dr. Seuss have all the fun?

For the Parisian Purrer:
CAT BERET, OUI! via HatForYourCat

Mon dieu or mais oui? Depending on your Francophile bent, this catastic beret could be your ultimate staycation supplement (who wants to travel sans le chat?) or have you heading straight for those freedom fries (avec le catnip, of course). But personalization is a must. With the loads of kitty berets on the market (here, here and here), you wouldn’t want Félix and Francoise to confuse leurs chapeaux during kitty soirées. Vive la Mew!

For the Cat Hipster
Cat or Dog Hat Hipster Beanie Pink via GoldenCouturePet

On the cutting edge of coolness without caring. Shuns all things mainstream. Suffers from suburban ennui. Cats truly are the original hipsters. So perhaps putting a cat in a hipster beanie is an overstatement of the obvious. The Etsy description reads: Nothing says I am not trying too hard quite like a simple beanie. Really? Because I would think “nothing says I’m trying too hard then getting my cat to wear a hipster beanie” might be more accurate. Might be best to stick with the original look on this one.

For the Lucky Charmer on St. Catty’s Day
Irish Cat Fez, Clover Tassel for St. Patrick’s Day via Doginafez

Just in time for St. Paddy’s Day and modeled by the terrifically named Captain Destructo, here’s the possibly perfect way for your kitty to get their green on. Because, no one wants to have to pinch a cat. Really. And although the hat is helpful, in the kitty world, “Kiss me – I’m adorable” always works.  

For the Cat Hatter
Mad Hatter top hat for cat or dog and party collar via PamperedWhiskers

If a journey through the looking-glass is your cup of tea, this cat hat might be right up your alley. Clearly the Cheshire Cat costume has been completely co-opted by the humans so this is the next natural choice. But please don’t confuse your Wonderlands. This hat can in NO WAY be used as an accessory for a feline pimps n’ hoes party. Don’t even go there.

For the Cat-stronaut
Cats Are Center of the Universe/ Solar System Cat Fascinator/ Planetary Kitty Hat via NotsoKittyShop

Ground control to Major Tom Cat…If your cat thinks it’s the center of the universe, this might be the perfect hat for your little sunshine. However, “This hat is not meant to be left on kitty’s head for action sequences or for periods of time over a few minutes.” If I were to put this on any my cats, I predict a cosmic collision in 5, 4, 3, 2…

We’ll leave this with two things to bear in mind if you plan on purchasing a hat for your cat. For the Why?: A review left on the HatForYourCat Etsy page: Very Cute! My cat doesn’t like it so far. And Why Not?: a sure-fire way to win any argument.

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