Courtroom Series Features Dog-Loving Judge

Judge David Young shares how his love for dogs will be reflected in his new courtroom TV series.

A new courtroom show hits the airwaves Sept. 10, 2007, featuring a dog-loving judge whose own dog is slated to take the stand with a few guest appearances this season.

Judge David Young will decide on a wide variety of cases in his self-titled TV show, but as a board member of the Miami-Dade Humane Society and one who participates in a variety of animal rescue events, he says his love for animals will be reflected in his courtroom.

“There will be a passion for explaining the law as it relates to animals and a fervent desire to educate the public about what to look for when purchasing an animal, how to care for an animal and all aspects of animal life,” Young announced.

Young expressed how animals have always played an important role in his life, but it wasn’t until he adopted his dog, Maggie, that his resolve deepened. “I’ve always been an animal lover, but never having owned one it was from a superficial perspective,” Young says. “So, on April 3, 1998, when I was at a fundraiser for an animal rescue organization, a little black Toto dog jumped into my arms and it was love at first sight.”

Since he brought Maggie home that day, he said he has a new happiness in his life that includes waking up to doggie kisses.

“It’s wonderful to have Maggie because she gives us unconditional love,” Young said. “And Scott [his partner of 12 years] and I unconditionally love her. She brings a different dimension of joy to us since we don’t have children. She’s our child.”

Young grew up in Miami where he was a one-time law clerk for F. Lee Bailey and served as assistant state attorney under Janet Reno. He’s best-known for a high-profile case he presided over in 2005 when he sentenced two America West Airlines pilots to jail for attempting to fly while intoxicated. He loves Broadway musicals and has been known to burst out into song from the bench.

But it’s Young’s passion for animals that won’t go understated. “Dog spelled backwards is God and there is a reason for that,” Young adds.

The program will run in syndication; to get a listing of local times and stations, log on to his website at

-Heidi Hatch, Associate News Editor for

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