Couple Sentenced After Arrest For Taping Cat’s Paws Together

The two have both been banned from owning animals for five years.

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A California couple has been sentenced in connection with the abuse of a cat named Lily. Via Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department/NBC Los Angeles

A Valencia, California, couple has been sentenced after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor count of animal cruelty. 

Tyler Scott Vest was sentenced to a year in jail and a full 24 hours of animal cruelty counseling after police officers discovered a cat with her paws taped together in his car. Vest’s girlfriend, 27 year-old Kylie Stringer, was also sentenced to 24 hours of animal cruelty counseling, 15 days of community labor and three years of probation. Both Vest and Stringer are banned from “owning, possessing or having direct access to animals” for the next five years, NBC Los Angeles reports.

Heroin was found in the car at the time of their arrest; they were both charged with possession of a controlled substance as well.

The cat's paws were individually taped, then bound together. Via ABC7

The cat’s paws were individually taped, then bound together. Via ABC7

The arresting officer heard a cat meowing when he approached the couple’s parked car, which prompted him to inquire about the animal.

“I asked one of the suspects, `Is there a cat in the car?’ and she said yes,” Deputy Adam Halloran said.

He then saw the cat upside down in a cat carrier, with each of her paws individually wrapped with duct tape. Her two front paws had been taped together, as had her back paws.

The cat, whose name is Lily, was turned over to Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control.

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