Couple Says: It’s A Nice Day For A White Wedding Surrounded By Cats

A cat sanctuary with nearly 1,000 cats served as the venue for a Canadian couple’s wedding ceremony.

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Love and cats. Beautiful combination. Via ABC 30 News/Facebook

Louise Veronneau visited a cat sanctuary a few years ago and fell in love. Then, she met Dominic Husson and fell in love again.

So Veronneau brought fellow cat fan Husson back to Cats House On The Kings near Fresno, California, for their wedding this week, according to ABC 30 news. The Canadian couple bonded over their love of animals, especially cats, so their choice of one of North America’s largest no-kill cat shelter, where nearly 1,000 cats dwell, was a natural choice.

The Canadian couple was wed by the Cats House On The Kings founder and owner, Lynea Lattanzio.

“When I was first asked to do it I said no I didn’t want to do it,” Lattanzio told the news outlet. “I was afraid I would make a mess and screw it up – you know, forget my lines.”

But Lattanzio became ordained in order to officiate the ceremony and, by all accounts, the event looks to be a success.

Cats House On The Kings is North America’s largest cage-free, no-kill cat sanctuary. It captured the heart of bride Veronneau.

“I feel in love,” Veronneau told ABC 30. “I feel in love with the work Lynea and her team is doing for the cats and the rescuing.”

We wish all the best to the happy couple.

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