Couple Sails the World with Their Cat

After selling all of their possessions, a Michigan couple decided to take to the seas… and brought a cat along.

Have you ever wanted to pack everything up and travel the world? Admittedly, this is an almost daily dream of mine. The closest I came was when I left everything behind and traveled to Australia alone, spending a month of my life in Sydney. In my case, however, I didn’t have a cat with me.

For Matt and Jessica Johnson, the story is a little different. After quitting their jobs and selling all their stuff, the couple bought a boat and decided to travel the world. So far they’ve been to 16 countries. The journey began in 2011, and in 2012 they got Georgie, a shelter cat. She’s been to 13 countries with them so far, reports. The couple told the site that when they’re sailing Georgie is either below deck or in the cockpit and is always outfitted with a harness and leash.

“She does very well with the sailing and is more steady on her feet than we are,” Jessica told “She loves sitting on the deck and watching the fish over the side of the boat when we are at anchor. We found out she can swim when she jumped overboard in Grand Cayman. She swam around the back of the boat and climbed up the ladder.”

Georgie seems to be taking to her sea life quite nicely. Check out some of the photos:

To follow the Johnsons’ travels, visit their website.

If you could go on a trip like this with your significant other and your cat, would you? Where would you go?

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