Couple Quits Their Jobs And Sails Around The World With Their Cat

Instead of sitting at home, one couple buys a boat, quits their jobs and now sails everywhere with their cat in tow.

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A cat who loves the open ocean. Go figure. Via MJ Sailing/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

Ever thought about giving up all of your possessions and seeing the world? I think we all have. But one couple actually took the plunge.

Matt and Jessica Johnson turned their hobby of sailing into a permanent lifestyle after lots of planning and saving. In 2012, they both quit their jobs and sold their cars and set sail as planned around the United States and Bahamas, according to their blog, MJ Sailing.

"Where to next, guys?" Via Facebook

“Where to next, guys?” Via MJ Sailing/Facebook

Since then, they’ve adopted their cat named Georgie, who has surprisingly become quite comfortable out on the open water. They’ve also sailed to Cuba, Central America, and crossed the Atlantic twice last year, as stated on their blog.

"I can help too. Need me to hoist something?" Via Facebook

“I can help, too. Need me to hoist something?” Via MJ Sailing/Facebook

Currently, they’re working on rebuilding a new boat in Indiantown, Florida, in preparation for their next sailing adventure. They are truly an inspiration. Georgie, too!

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