Couple Pose For New Baby Photo Shoot With Their Dog

Family photo shoots are a right of passage for human kids and fur babies alike.

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Bundle of joy
And baby makes three! Via Arickx Photography
Stephanie Brown

Iowa couple Chelsea and Jared Price have been asked for years when they are going to finally have kids. But they already one. His name is Riley, he’s 11 years old, and did we mention he’s a dog?

The Prices celebrated their 5-year-anniversary as a family with an adorable newborn photo shoot. The furbaby photo shoot idea stemmed from a conservation Chelsea had at a work-related event in which someone asked her if she and her husband had a child, ABC News reports.

“No, just a dog!’ I joked. But he’s basically our child,” Chelsea told ABC News. “I felt a little shamed, and it wasn’t the first time I’ve experienced something like that. I talked about it with Jared, and we decided that to celebrate our anniversary, we would have this photo shoot done, and it could be our tongue-in-cheek response to everyone who asks about future babies.”

The pictures, taken by Katie Arickx of Arickx Photography, in Osage, Iowa, hit all the new baby photo shoot marks.

Baby in baby carriage. Check.

Dog baby

First comes love, then come marriage, then comes fur baby in the fur baby carriage. Via Arickx Photography/Facebook

Dad kissing Mom, who’s kissing Baby. Check.

Family kisses

All aboard the kisses train. Via Arickx Photography/Facebook

Happy baby? Check and check. Riley seems genuinely pleased to be part of the family photo shoot, and maybe it’s because he’s just grateful to be a part of the family. The Prices adopted him from the Humane Society of North Iowa around the same time they got married. He previously lived with an elderly woman for many years before she passed away.

Maybe one day he’ll get a little brother or sister, but for now, he can relish in being an only child, which includes being the star in family photo shoots.

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