Couple Adopts Tiny, Adorable Kitten Found Abandoned Under Truck

The guy who found the kitten texted his wife to ask, "Can I bring it home?"

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Say hello to my little friend. Literally. Via JustAnotherGoodGuy/Reddit

Two weeks ago, a Reddit user named JustAnotherGoodGuy got a text from her husband that had this picture attached to it. In the photograph, a tiny, terrified looking kitten was leaning against a truck tire, while staring at the camera with big green eyes. “Can I bring it home?” her husband wrote.

Her response? “Who could say no to that face?”

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What a life-changing two weeks this little cat, now named Axel, has had. She was discovered cowering under a truck in an office park where her mother had abandoned her. “The mother has lived in the office park for a couple of years,” the Redditor wrote. “She ran off and ditched the kitten. No other kittens could be found.”

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And then her husband asked that simple, five-word question, and Axel had a home. The couple immediately took her to the vet (“That’s how we found [out] she’s a she,” JustAnotherGoodGuy said,) and made sure she was vaccinated. Then they had to wean the kitten, as she was an estimated 4 or 5 weeks old when she was spotted hiding in that parking lot.

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Now, Axel has a home, with two parents who love her, along with a 2-year-old dog and a 19-year-old cat. We’re so glad AnotherGoodGuy said yes.

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