Couple Adopts Cat And He Becomes Best Friends With Their Dog

After a week or so, they started hanging out and became inseparable.

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When Brady’s owners adopted a kitten, he and the cat, named Tuukka, became best pals. Via bradyandtuukka/Instagram
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At one point in time, Brady, a Golden Retriever, was an only dog. Then one day more than two years ago, his owners, Taryn and Jenna Choquette, brought home a cat who was found stuck in a tree clinging to some branches.

“A friend of a friend found him in the tree and took him home, and she fostered him for a couple days,” Taryn Choquette told The Dodo. “And then we were like, ‘We need him. He’s adorable.'”

So they adopted him and Brady had a sibling, albeit a cat. The Choquette’s named him Tuukka, after Boston Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask. At the time, he was just a month old and was apparently scared of everything, including Brady, who was named after, you guessed it, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

So the couple kept the two apart via a sliding glass door. But that didn’t last long, as Brady wanted to be friends with him, Taryn Choquette told The Dodo.

“Brady loves all creatures great and small,” Choquette told the news outlet. “He wants everyone and everything to be his best friend.”

Tuukka summoned enough courage to approach Brady, and after about a week behind the glass door, the Choquettes introduced the two.

Brady taught Tuukka how to do dog things, such as eat grass and beg for food and horse around, and now Tuukka thinks he is a dog, Choquette said.

“Brady would also show Tuukka how to drink water from his own bowl,” Choquette said. “And to this day, Tuukka will still not drink out of a tiny cat bowl — he only drinks out of Brady’s giant water bowl.”

They are also furry partners in crime. Tuukka likes to knock food off the kitchen counter, Choquette said, which enables Brady to eat what comes tumbling down.

“They’re in cahoots,” Choquette told The Dodo. “That’s like the exact definition of them.”

Brady and Tuukka sitting in a tree… well only Tuukka did, but they are still the best of friends. You can see more of Brady and Tuukka on the pair’s Instagram page, BradyandTuukka.

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