Country Singer Dierks Bentley’s Dog Passes Away

Jake accompanied Bentley nearly everywhere, from touring to awards shows to "The View."

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Jake has been with Dierks Bentley since before the country music star’s career took off. Via Dierks Bentley/Instagram | Dave Hogg/Wikipedia
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Country Singer Dierks Bentley, who brought his rescue dog Jake with him almost everywhere he went, announced on Instagram yesterday that Jake has passed away.

The 15-year-old dog had been constantly at Bentley’s side, from appearing on stage at his concerts, to attending awards shows, to appearing with Bentley on “The View.” Jake was a constant in Bentley’s life well before the singer’s career took off, Bentley told the Taste of Country website last month.

“Jake’s been with me through every phase of my career, since before I had a publishing deal… before I even had a gig, really,” Bentley told reporters in June when he stopped by his exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville. “When I got my first gigs downtown, he’d be waiting there in the windowsill. He actually wore out a little spot in the couch where he’d wait for me. I’d come home real late, and he’d be there sitting in the window, putting in his time. Those were his years of grinding, sitting in the window waiting for me.”

rest in peace pal

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Bentley first noticed Jake had lumps on his body last year and his veterinarian put the dog on a regimen of chemotherapy in an effort to slow the a more recent Taste of Country cancer down, according to article.

Bentley penned “Can’t be Replaced,” a song on his newest album, Black, in honor of Jake.

“For 15 years, right by my side / From a single man to three kids and a wife,” the song goes. “Friends come and go, but when it comes to Jake / There’s just some things that can’t be replaced.”

Bentley’s final farewell to Jake on Instagram was simple: “Rest in peace pal.”

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