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Council To Fine Dog Owners $150 If They Walk Their Dogs Without A Poop Bag

The Daventry District Council in England plans to issue the fine even if the dogs don't do their bathroom business.

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Daventry dog owners better check their pockets before they leave the house. Via Thomas Hawk/Flickr

There’s no worse feeling than watching your dog do his business beside the sidewalk, reaching into your pocket for the poop bag you know you tucked in there and finding nothing but dryer lint, a crumpled Chipotle receipt and your own deep sense of shame instead.

That has happened to all of us at some point — even the most responsible dog owners — and there’s nothing to do except promise that you’ll pick it up on your next trip through the neighborhood. But one English district council is trying to ensure that no one ever forgets a poop bag again.

The Daventry District Council recently instituted a £100 ($150) fine for any owner caught walking their dog without a cleanup bag – even if their dog doesn’t do a number two, the Independent reports. On top of that, the owner could be slapped with a £1,000 ($1,500) fine if their case goes to court.

You'd think a sign like this might be sufficient, but noooo. Via Lynn Friedman/Flickr

You’d think a sign like this might be sufficient, but noooo. Via Lynn Friedman/Flickr

Mike Warren, a member of the Daventry District Council, says that he doesn’t think the new fines are unreasonable.

“We still have a small minority of persistent offenders that we are keen to stop,” he said, according to the Independent. “This new order gives us greater powers to take effective action against those irresponsible dog owners who do not pick up after their pets.”

The two council-appointed officers (lucky them!) who will be in charge of enforcing the new rules will not be allowed to search dog owners, but they will be able to issue a fine if an owner cannot produce a poop bag when they’re asked. Those fines sound a lot like overkill, but they’re also giving owners 100 reasons to check their pockets before they leave the house.

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