Could This Punk-Looking Vest Really Protect Dogs From Coyote Attacks?

A Wisconsin pet owner believes so, and has outfitted her 11-year-old dog with the vest.

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This vest reportedly protects dogs from coyotes (and also makes them look totally hardcore). Via CoyoteVest

If you live in certain areas of the United States, coyotes are no joke. Unlike the stumbling, ACME-obsessed Looney Tunes version, real coyotes can be a very real threat to dogs and cats. One pet owner in Madison, Wisconsin, was so freaked out by the potential for a coyote attack, she has outfitted her dog, Gracie, with a special protective vest.

Chris Ducommun’s 11-year-old dog — who now looks more punk rock than Johnny Rotten ever did — is wearing something called CoyoteVest Dog Armor, a wraparound Kevlar garment that is outfitted with a set of artificial porcupine-style quills and 26 sharp hard-plastic spikes, reports Channel 3000.

“I feel more comfortable again letting her out on her own,” Ducommun told the news station.

Gracie is much tougher than her facial expression looks. Via Channel 3000

Gracie is much tougher than her facial expression looks. Via Channel 3000

A wildlife expert told Channel 3000 that watching your pets and “hazing” coyotes with noise were the best way to prevent attacks, but if those suggestions seem like they’re… not hardcore enough, there’s always the CoyoteVest.

“A CoyoteVest is like a Kevlar vest that a soldier might wear,” the product description says. “It does not protect all of the body or guarantee survival, but it does increase the chances of survival and might be the difference between life or death.”

Check out this CoyoteVest video to see more:

Does ACME make one of those?

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