Could A Sore On A Ferret’s Back Leg Be Something More Serious?

Why would a sore on a ferret’s leg not heal after more than a week?

Q: My little ferret, Havoc, has a sore on his back leg bum area. The sore is round and a little bit smaller then the tip of a pinky finger. I thought he may have hurt himself on a corner of a base heater, but it’s still there after a week. Do you think this could be something more than just a sore? It doesn’t seem to hurt him. Some days it looks a little inflamed and others it looks like it’s going away. Is there anything at home I can do to help it heal?
A: If this is just a wound from trauma, then it should heal on its own because what you describe is not very deep or involved. It also does not sound infected. Unless your ferret is licking or biting this wound, if it is not infected, it should heal within a week.

But you said this has been there for a week, so this may be more than just a cut from a wound.

Ferrets get many types of skin cancers, but, thankfully, most of them are benign. Because we cannot tell from just observing the sore to tell you whether it is skin cancer or what type of skin cancer it could be, we always recommend removing the sore and the area around it and sending these samples off for microscopic evaluation.

In most cases of benign cancer, once the lesion is removed, no further treatment is necessary. If this is one of those uncommon malignant skin cancers, further treatment may be recommended.

The best course of action right now is to visit your veterinarian to make sure this non-healing lesion is not a serious disease. The earlier you treat something like this, the better the outcome is for your ferret.

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