Corgis Might Become Russia’s Next Police Dogs

Russia is looking to turn Corgis into drug- and bomb-sniffing dogs.

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Corgis in Russia might get very important jobs soon. Via anko.gaku_ula/Flickr
Chrissa Hardy

Corgis are so much more than waddling, beach bums. They might even become police dogs in Russia.

Officials there are considering Corgis as candidates for drug- and bomb-sniffing canine officers because the short-statured dogs can squeeze into small spaces other larger police dogs might not be able to, Fox News World reports.

“It is not certain that they will be able to join the ranks of service dogs, but even if they don’t, the experiment will be interesting for everyone,” Elena Haikova, head of Moscow’s canine unit, told Fox News. “We will try out the breed in search operations.”

Two Corgis — a 2 month old and a 6 month old — will undergo a series of tests and will be compared with other medium-sized breeds in assisting police work.

So beyond throwing the best beach parties ever, Corgis will continue their world domination by taking down the bad guys one whiff at a time.

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Probably not in the running. Via Giphy

I mean, you wouldn’t want to be this head of lettuce, would you?

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Imagine this lettuce is a dangerous criminal. YIKES. Via Giphy

That’s what I thought.

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