Corgis Have Royal Tea Party in Honor of Queen Elizabeth II

A celebration of the British monarch’s historic reign must include dogs.

Queen Elizabeth II recently made history by becoming the longest-reigning monarch in Britain, with 63 years on the throne. While people will celebrate this momentous occasion in various ways, Mashable perhaps came up with the best way: dogs having a tea party. Because, you know, what represents Britain and the Queen better than tea, biscuits and Corgis?

Tea Party

 The Watercooler/Mashable/YouTube

These four dogs come prepared for the celebration decked out in bowties and having seemingly gone to the groomers prior to the occasion. They indulge in tea (it’s actually just water) and biscuits (of the dog variety) and seem to be enjoying themselves throughout. Watch the video to find out if they maintained their regality – their elegance and poise – while celebrating the Queen’s reign.


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