Corgi Survives College And Now He’s A UCLA Graduate

Pavlov the Corgi worked hard for that degree (he majored in social media).

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Proud UCLA graduate. Via pavlovthecorgi/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

Pavlov the Corgi did what many of us do as young adults: He went to college. He sent out many applications to various Los Angeles-based universities, citing his Instagram account in his college essay (his official major was Social Media).

After weeks and weeks of waiting, Pavlov was finally accepted to University of California, Los Angeles.

He read the letter over and over and then headed out to the Westwood, California, campus for orientation. It was there that he became college buds with Gary, another proud Bruin.

At first, studying at UCLA seemed daunting.

But he quickly acclimated to college life, grabbing Starbucks before his 8:00 a.m. classes…

…munching on fast food…

…and of course, partying.

Soon the campus didn’t seem so scary, and classes got easier.

This year, Pavlov the Corgi finally graduated. Sort of. His owners are the actual UCLA graduates and orchestrated the whole experience for him on Instagram.

Congratulations, Pavlov!

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