Corgi Trying To Share A Bone With His Reflection Is Too Pure

This generous Corgi is trying to share his bone with the Corgi in front of him. Too bad it's just his reflection in a mirror!

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"I thought you might enjoy a nibble of my bone, good sir." Via Eric Smith/Twitter
Chrissa Hardy

Whenever you need a reminder that true goodness exists in this world, look no further than dogs. Their wholesome hearts make us better by showing us how to love selflessly.

And in a video posted to Twitter by Eric Smith (@ericsmithrocks), a Corgi is the perfect example of this innocent sweetness. In the video, the Corgi keeps nudging his bone towards a set of mirrors, as if trying to share his bone with the Corgi reflection looking back at him.

He makes several attempts to play with his lookalike buddy before lying down on the floor and waiting patiently for his friend/reflection to make a move.

At the very end, this charming boy looks at his owner in the mirror with a giant Corgi smile, and he seems enormously proud of his inclusive sharing efforts during playtime.

Our hearts are soaring. Yours, too?

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