There Was A Corgi Beach Party In Toronto And It Was All Happy Faces And Wet Wagging Tails

Corgi beach parties are becoming a truly spectacular trend, first in Southern California and now in Toronto.

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"Our short legs love the waves!" Via dudleycorgi/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Most trends come and go, but here’s hoping the Corgi beach party trend will be sticking around for a long time.

In April of this year, hundreds of corgis took over a beach in Southern California as part of a regular group meetup of Corgis and their owners. Now, the beach-loving Corgis have migrated to Cananda, where they had their third annual Corgi Beach Day on Cherry Beach in Toronto, according to user Japots on Reddit.

The Toronto event brought about 50 Corgis together for some short-legged splashing about and the results are about as wonderful as you would expect.

The group has a Corgi breeder, who informs other owners of the meetup, and since the first year, their numbers have grown from 15 to 50. For the most part, the meetup is organized through word of mouth, but they also have a group on Facebook for owners to share info and make connections. Eventually, they hope to have a Corgi gathering the size of the SoCal meetup, with hundreds of corgi pups waddling around in the sand.

Here are some of the best (and hilarious) photos from the day.

A sea monster emerging from the depths (1ft) of Lake Ontario. #GTACorgis #GtaCorgiBeachBums (Photo cred: @thekayls)

A photo posted by Kimchi Fierce💄 (@kimchithecorgi) on

More splish splash from #gtacorgis #gtacorgibeachbums day with @kimchithecorgi and I

A photo posted by Dudley (@dudleycorgi) on

Butters the wrestler!#gtacorgibeachbums #gtacorgis

A photo posted by @corgi_butters on

Sawyer was stoked to be at the #gtacorgis 3rd annual beach day. Look at that #corgi strut! #gtacorgibeachbums

A photo posted by Kayley Luftig (@thekayls) on

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