Here’s The Corgi Who Forgot How To Corgi

This Corgi flaps her paws like wings when she's lying down. Even her owner is completely puzzled by it.

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Good dream? Or trying to reach an itch? We may never know.
Chrissa Hardy

Sometimes a strange little wiggle is the only way to improve your overall mood.

Is this a typical behavior for humans? Not really. And it’s not even typical for pets (as silly as they tend to be), but in a video uploaded to YouTube this week by chrwaa, a Corgi does just that.

Via YouTube

Hmmmm…. Via YouTube

In the :22 second video, the Corgi is lying on the floor when it starts. She almost looks like she’s dreaming and that dream is of her chasing after a giant meatball. But then you’ll notice that she blinks several times during the act, so she is awake.

Via YouTube

The front paws seem to be doing all the work here. Via YouTube

Could it be an itch on her side and rubbing her body on the wood floor is the only way to ease the irritation? Who knows.

The funniest part is that her owner seems just as puzzled by this wacky Corgi habit as the rest of us, because the description of the video simply states, “She does this all the time. And no, she is not trying to grab something.”

At least she takes a break in between. Via YouTube

At least she takes a break in between. Via YouTube

So she’s not asleep, and she’s not trying to grab something. I suppose it doesn’t really matter what she’s trying to do here, because it’s endlessly strange and hilarious. If she thinks galloping without moving will get her somewhere fun, then best of luck to this little bonkers Corgi.

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