Coral Experts From Around the World to Gather in Australia for the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium

Held every four years, ICRS 2012 in July will focus on coral reef science and management.

Coral reef science and management experts from around the world will gather in Australia July 9-13 for the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS 2012) in Cairns, Queensland to discuss the latest developments affecting the world’s coral reefs. The five day symposium is held every four years and organizers expect more than 2,000 people from 80 countries to descend on Cairns to discuss the latest trends and advances in coral reefs and coral reef management.

Topics to be discussed at ICRS 2012 will include the state of the world’s coral reefs, national and international policy affecting coral reefs, the link between climate change, coral bleaching and acidification, the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas, and the social and economic benefit of coral reef management. For more information on the symposium, or to register for the event, visit

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