Cop Responds To Call About Abandoned Dog, Ends Up Adopting Her

Daisy was found abandoned at a park, emaciated and with severe injuries.

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Daisy and Jeff
Daisy was rescued by a Bloomington, Indiana, police officer. Via Daisy Needs Help! /GoFundMe
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A police officer in Bloomington, Indiana, was dispatched to a local park after some folks called to report an injured and emaciated dog.

When Officer Jeff Ripley arrived on the scene, he found a stray Boxer mix dog, severely emaciated and suffering from an injury to her left back leg. She had difficulty standing up let alone barely, was full of scrapes and burns and was infested with fleas.

Daisy was found emaciated and starving. She was taken in by Officer Jeff Ripley and his fiancé, Rosie Ahlberg. Via Daisy Needs Help!/GoFundMe

Ripley and his fiancé, Rosie Ahlberg, found that the dog, which they named Daisy, was microchipped and was around 1 year old. When the couple contacted the last owner (Daisy’s fourth), they found out that Daisy had been hit by a car, and was no longer wanted. They decided to give take her a home and set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to treat Daisy’s injuries.

“Jeff and I decided together that we needed to seize the opportunity to give Daisy a home and the love she deserves with us and our other rescue pets,” Ahlberg wrote on the fundraising site.

Daisy was seen by a veterinarian who determined that the young dog had a torn meniscus, torn ACL, and luxating patella that she has been living with since being hit in April. Surgery is what the veterinarian recommended.

Daisy and Officer Jeff Ripley. Via Daisy Needs Help!/GoFundMe

“Since we’ve had her she’s been on meds to manage her pain and keep her happy, but what she really needs is surgery to repair her injuries,” Ahlberg wrote. “The specialist said that amputation isn’t really an option for Daisy’s leg, because of her genetic makeup he worries that she’s predisposed to ACL injuries. If she tears her other back ACL while only having 3 legs, that obviously poses a big problem for her.”

“Every penny from this fundraiser will be used to pay for Daisy’s surgery that she needs,” she continued. “If by some miracle we get Daisy’s leg healthy and have extra money, all of that will be donated to the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter.”

Daisy has found her forever home but needs surgery to repair her injuries. Via Daisy Needs Help!/GoFundMe

Thanks to Rosie Ahlberg and Officer Ripley, Daisy will have a second chance with a couple who will give her what four other owners could not: a lot of love and care.

If you wish to help Daisy out with a donation, you can do so at her GoFundMe page here.

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