Cool Weather, Hot Fashion

Update your dog’s wardrobe with these fall and winter trends.

Now that the sun and surf of summer have passed, it’s time to think cooler weather and cozier attire for your dog. If you don’t want your dog to be caught in the washed-out fashion of last year, make sure her armoire is filled with the newest and trendiest attire, suitable for even the most chic of Hollywood’s elite.

Denim is the perfect fashion piece to transition from the heat of summer to the chilly temperatures of fall and winter. “I love denim for my Yorkshire Terriers Paris Noel and Bella,” says Valentina Bloomfield of California. “It’s so versatile. It blends well with a myriad of different fabrics and works perfectly for almost any occasion.”

True canine fashionistas, Paris Noel and Bella own a huge wardrobe that reflects the current styles and trends. And to keep her dogs in the forefront of the fashion pack, Bloomfield makes room for the latest looks by selling her dogs’ “paw-me-downs” on her website and donating the proceeds to charity.

Popular canine fashion labels such as Monkey Daze and I See Spot are including denim in their product lineups as well, using it in various items from embroidered jackets to dresses and skirts with frilly lace and net skirts, to dungarees paired with T-shirts.

“I call it urban chic,” says I See Spot designer Sandy Maroney. “It looks good on dogs of all shapes and sizes. Jackets are being lined with fleece and trimmed with fur so that they will be wearable throughout winter.”

Earthy tones in browns and oranges alongside purples and blush pinks, olive green, and teal will be splashed on everything from T-shirts to hooded fleece jackets and coats. Animal prints and lots of faux fur trim, faux suede, and feathers are also must-haves.

Year-end parties and festivities require elegant wardrobes, but there’s no need to worry because canine designers already have that covered. Lara Alameddine, chief designer for Little Lily Inc., predicts that soft, romantic looks in velvet and satin accessorized with lace and faux fur will be the hit of the season. Coats to guard against the cold will be a wardrobe staple, according to Dana Ujobagy of Paw Palace. Why not try one of the Dr. Zhivago-style brocade coats with a faux fur collar offered by Vince Gamboa or one of his trench coats made of corduroy, mohair, or tweed?

Celebrity pets are once again setting the trend when it comes to jewelry, and this season collar tags and charms will be all the rage. “There still will be plenty of bling worn during the day in the form of rhinestones and Swarovski crystal motifs,” says Katie Parker of Vineyard Dog in California. “It never seems to go out of style: heart-shapes for girls, and skull and crossbones motifs for boys.”

Just as Gucci made gold lamé a fashion hit on European runways, Stephanie Bell of Fancy Furs in Kentucky is creating a fashion stir in canine jewelry with silver bones lining leather collars and black patent leather sporting silver hearts. Matching leashes complete the ensemble.

Accessories such as collars with matching leads and charms in red and green will also be seasonal favorites that you’ll want to include on your shopping list.

Engraved name tags in a variety of shapes from stars to hearts to bones, embellished with hand-painted designs or colored crystals, add just the right bling to a well-clad dog. Or how about this year’s newest fad? A hand-crafted sterling silver or brass bell decorated with Swarovski crystals from

So if you’re getting ready for a night out on the town with friends this fall, don’t forget to dress your pooch up for the outing, too. Because who better to share and show off your fabulous fashion sense with than your cherished canine companion?

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